Friday, November 15, 2013

The NY Women's Foundation A Starlit Evening Nov. 14th, 2013

Starlight Roof, Waldorf Astoria

Celebrating 26 Years of Strategic Investment in Women-Led Community Based Organizations in NYC
Julliard String Quartet
The New York Women's Foundation earned a celebratory evening-with $5.2 million dollars given to grantee partner organizations -deserving support for their efforts to improve the lives of women and families in NYC.

This night's honorees were fashion icon Carolina Herrera, Morgan Stanley (accepted by Ruth Porat, CFO) and the Ford Foundation (accepted by Darren Walker, President).

Co-chairman Jean Shafiroff in Carolina Herrera

Ana L. Oliveira, Pres.  & CEO, Ruth Porat, CFO Morgan Stanley, Anne. E Delaney Board Chair

Ski Johnson-Saxophonist

A jam packed cocktail hour preceded the dinner and presentations…in the elegant Waldorf Astoria Hotel-where we all noted how slow our smartphone reception was. Which is what happens when we are in a building with real walls.
Sandor Johnson-model

Ford Foundation President Darren Walker

Carolina Herrera-Designer "Entrepreneurial Giant"

Co-Chair and Board member-Diana Taylor and Carolina Herrera

Jean Shafiroff, Renaldo and Carolin Herrera

Anne E. Delaney began the evening's program with comments noting the aforementioned sum, from the largest women's grant making foundation in the USA-  which has grown considerably from the early days dollar amount-26 years ago.

Diane Taylor and Reinaldo Herrera Guevara

Reducing barriers and creating opportunities- with policies of inclusion and an MO to take risks-are all key attributes of the worthy recipients of funds from the NY Women's Foundation. And of course, a location in one of the five boroughs.

We were most excited to see Carolina Herrera... "fashion's first lady," as pointed out by presenter Diana Taylor. Having built a successful business in her hometown of NYC-in a field dominated by men, Mrs. Herrera is also known for her generous support of several organizations as well as entrepreneurial acumen.
Well dressed Guests-in Catherine Malandrino -left and Carolina Herrera- right

Prior Board members and staff-asked to stand up for rounds of well-deserved applause.
With a gracious acceptance speech-the designer told the captive audience what a great honor it was to accept the award-a ceremonial stick, fyi---and how she felt strong roots "in a city I call home…"

And heads were nodding when Mrs. Herrera made a plea to Diana Taylor-about her BF… "I am desperate Bloomberg is leaving…and what are we going to do without him…?"

It's fitting the Mayor proclaimed November 14th. 2013 NY Women's Foundation Day in NYC. Proof a lot more good can be done till he leaves office in a few...