Monday, November 11, 2013

THALÉ BLANC Luxury Handbags, Accessories Holiday 2013-Spring 2014

Thalé Blanc Designer Deborah Sawaf

Audrey Bag

London Hotel, NYC

Luxury marketing to the masses has caused a boring saturation of all longitude/latitude plot-points…with similar 'premium' products.

For discerning women however, the thought of hauling around someone else's initials emblazoned on coated canvas-or on any part of their ensemble-is abhorrent. These are the women who DEMAND unique luxury purchases and are not thinking "how do I eBay this in a few years (months)?"
Audrey $1200 -structured handbag of pure joy -available now and soon in these colors-coral, cobalt and green. With matching Adrienne embossed leather cuff $395 and Tre Parfait bangle-$115- and  Parfait Resin $280, with metal inlays.

dimensions: 7.5" l x 4.75”h x 2.5”w handle drop 7” 
No surprise to us, to fulfill those requirements are collections created by the feminine persuasion -who use their expertise to launch collections of high-end accessories/handbags, that offer the most luxe, well made alternatives to cloned carry-alls.

We suggest as an immediate antidote to masstige-itis RIGHT NOW: the elegant Deborah Sawaf's  Thalé Blanc collection of  custom made structured handbags, accessories and totes.
Audreyette crossbody-in cobalt embossed leather+nappa

dimensions: 8.5"l x 5.5”h
x 2.5”w crossbody strap 47” 

We let an an audible sign of wonderment as soon as we stepped into the light-filled suite where the now Los Angeles based, seasoned veteran of upscale fashion and accessory labels staged a media preview of gorgeous coveted selections.

Zodiac Petite dimensions: 5.5"l x 3.5”h x 1.25” w
On display-premium, in the true sense of the word, hand crafted, embossed leather handbags in summery tones, exquisite evening clutches bejeweled with semi-precious stones and custom cast gold hardware. 

PLUS: A new practical/casual line- of Soleil tote bags that are Cote d"Azure ready, (and named accordingly)…made their splashy debut.
Holiday gift dilemna? What woman wouldn't love the beautiful gold chain purse Zodiac Petite ($375), personalized with her sign. The pearl clasp, the textured mix of dark matte resin with shiny gold-wonderful to feel and see. The interior is just big enough for the essentials-smartphone, lipstick, a credit card or two...

on left--Renaissance inspired gold motifs Morning Dew Fleurs de Lis (with black pearls too)…on right, Morning Dew Rose
Soft and bold colors, gold metal accents -clutches that balance ornate details with subtle elegance. Timeless collectables…these exceptionally labor-intensive, hand made square handbags, we think -should not be just saved for fancier occasions…but like a piece of statement jewelry, can be the first item one selects to build a work day ensemble... that transitions into night's out attire.

Especially in NYC or DC-two locales where our professional female friends carry the gigantic oversized hauler for work files, gym clothes, etc -that after hours-gets the coat check treatment or stashed underfoot…

…AND also carry a separate luxury purse for select necessities---that gorgeously adds a glamorous touch to transporting a few key musts.

Gabriella-$825 Plexi/Gold

Morning Dew Luxe front left and right $1985, left back-Morning Dew $1785
 …from the top 1st+3rd-quilted nappa leather  Maya Belle $610 and Toni embossed leather and Nappa $575. Also comes in oversized clutches\ Toni Grande $680-
 - what we want (hint)  -dimensions: 15"l x 7”h x 1.5”w

beautiful enough to command a tabletop display….

As other worldly stunning as the clutches are-they are not so precious as to be destined for closet shelves-never to see the light of day. Especially the Toni leather clutches, pictured above- available in a larger size that carries well-and carries a lot.

a magnificent clasp-a cultural reference to Arabic/India/Turkish empires- Sultan $1640
wood ornament with semi precious turquoise, coral & tiger’s eye
dimensions 6.5” L x 4.5” H x 2” w

in the middle gold python Talia Fasteux Mini $1615

Silver python Talia Fasteux Mini $1615

Adrianne-Neon-cheetah print pony hair and in nappa with gold hardware $1220
Francesca -resin+Mother of Pearl $1300
Bangles-brass inlay Parfait $280 and Swarvovski Inlay Fasteux Bangle $225

Flutter of Hope Premiere Bag $985
dimensions: 7"l x 4.5”h x 1.5”w handle drop 15” and matching Papillion Fasteux Cuff $425

Thalia Python clutch $1725…with Talia Necklace $850

close-up of hand inlay stones of Talia Clasp

Thalia Python clutch $1725
Ciara $850-Plexi with Nappa Inlay-unique use of modern and traditional materials-long chains optional

color options-Ciara
All of the clutches are exactingly lined and made so as to open and retain contents!!!!

For the lucky-life is a beach-for the rest of us-we can aspire to that thought-which popped into our brain cells when we saw the casually refined Thalé Soleil Côte D'Azur Collection of durable totes with protective feet, and matching crossbody bags and zip clutches. 

Practical and chic…wonderful gifts to oneself…or as bridesmaids gift…that will no doubt never be banished to the back of the closet, and therefore be more appreciated- than the required dress.
floral quilted Cannes Clutch $175

Cannes Tote- $395
Cannes Tote and clutch-in blue floral vinyl
Cannes Tote-black floral vinyl

St. Tropez Tote $350 (includes mini clutch), Crosssbody $175-Vinyl/Canvas...

Select Items Available at upscale boutiques in the USA, Australia, Europe, Mid-East, China
For Information/E-Commerce: THALÉ BLANC