Monday, November 4, 2013



London Hotel/NYC

In the make-up world, there are beauty addicts who covet either fashion originated (Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford, YSL etc), skincare (Clinique...) or professionally generated (Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier…) brands.

We find this true in the jewelry world too-with the professional jewelers eponymous collections -the most popular with the adorned. For good reasons…we feel these pieces are the most personally crafted…an extension of the maker's personality and their world.

In fact…a trip around the planet ---is what we thought of when we viewed the large  assortment of interchangeable chains, earrings, pendants and cuffs by the gregarious Stephanie Kantis.

A chain is the basis for different pendant attachments that completely change the look…double up, loop in the back or front, lariat style …varying the lengths. Or wrap around to wear as a bracelet or belt. Versatile.
classic long with pendant
Great gifts for any female, any age too-even when her personal preferences are not known…as most Stephanie Kantis statement making selections pair well with each other---and other jewelry pieces a gal would already have.
 cocktail rings- always in style

That's the contemporary way of a women's accessory purchases…synchs up with their high/low wardrobes.
as a classic long with Crush pendant----wrap around a wrist as a bold bracelet...
Nothing too precious either-just like the very approachable designer herself- --designing the always appropriate assortment of gold pieces (hefty weight, fyi), often combined with semi-precious stones.

When to wear-anytime except maybe scuba diving…Stephanie Kantis jewelry looks a-ok worn with casual fare (tees, denim, flip flops) as with black tie ensembles.

Greece, India, South America-ancient and modern ... 

Love these dangling earring…above/below

cuffs are easy to wear----our favs- and a great gift!!!

many different styles of chains-all with signature "S" shape attachment hook…Versital Collection-chains your way

double wrap

pendants sold separately-look pretty with ribbons...

Stephanie Kantis-in a classic with bracelet extension


Aristocraic pendant

this pendant doubles as a eye-catching hook on a long dangling necklace-or as a belt...

classic with pendant extension

Stephanie Kantis jewelry is available at select Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores, many boutiques, and online...

A few weeks later-at Bryant Park Hotel-our latest jewelry obsession emerged.

In general, we are not big wearers of the bling-but having attended the New Orleans Jazz Heritage festival for 15 years…we got the references immediately---as soon as our eyeballs locked onto the highly original jewelry - Big Easy inspired -collection by the immensely talented ASHLEY PORTER of Porter Lyons.

Porter Lyons Backbone Cuffs-around $375-depending on metal

alligator cuff-same source as Hermes- $275
A San Fran native who lives in New Orleans-(Tulane University graduate), this engaging former finance world employee ditched that for design classes and internships at major über fashion labels before launching her own line.

cast from alligator back bones---$125 AMAZING

Lucky jewelry wearers looking for original items…love how the cultural heritage of that city oozes onto Porter Lyons pieces-uniquely translated...

-cast from bones…hefty sterling silver rings and cuff links

NOLA id bracelet

Best packaging we have seen in a while-worth the price of the item practically-lined with a map of New Orleans and genius…metal pieces that hold the necklace in place. WOW. A great gift idea…for men too-as Porter Lyons has cuff links and terrific belt buckles that are fabulous.

alligator tooth …served as inspiration

BONUS POINTS: Porter Lyons is committed to restoring and protecting a sustainable and vibrant coast by donating 5% of all profits to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

INFO: Prices average range around $95-under $400 depending on materials...

Other gift ideas...
Kris Nations : Delicate State or word Necklaces…celebrate one's home state or sentiment… affordable under$100

Hey big spender----

Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry 14+18K gold hand made-glam gemstones and dark Victorian drama…including the Memento Mori Skull Pendant-Kali Hindu Goddess-black skull on lavender enamel, diamond, spinels, 2.8 carat pearl $10,220
Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry rings

Locally harvested-eco ivory alternative the Tagua seed (pictured above)- epitomizes the 'the beauty of nature'- by Fair Trade Jeweler Monica Farbiarz of her  Encanto collections-made in family owned workshops in Colombia- using this sustainable palm nut tree for contemporary and colorful designs.    

new collaboration Natural Elegance collection with USA designer/photographer Linda Savitz using Colombian  materials + silver.

Mixed metals give jewelry a 21st century elegant AND edgy feel---in this debut collection by Argentinian Victoria Bekerman-who now resides in the Big Apple. Bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces…we could see how all our gals pals who work in conservative as well as more relaxed office environments-all could rock these pieces.

necklaces-$89 to under $200

Trini earrings…$85
Jewelry designer Victoria Beckerman layers on long and short necklaces…instant modern classics…VERY COOL.