Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gifts For Pet Lovers: THE GOOD HOME-Safe For Pets Cleaning Products-

Happy attendees of a media preview


Why cleaning products would ever be taken for gifts---is easily answered when the fabulously packaged The Good Home cleaning products are the offerings.
Why pet lovers would especially appreciate ---toxicity of ingredients in the things we use to scrub away the dirt---is super harmful to our furry friends. Residues left on floor can be ingested---and even 'nature' monikered products, scented with essential oils= can be harmful…!!!!

Which is why The Good Home-launched an eco-friendly 100% pet friendly home cleaning trio-Eco Pet Stain and Odor Removal $15, All Purpose Cleaner and Floor soap $18, and Laundry Detergent $20---is a good giver to animal lovers-and also works for little and big people.

NYC cute dogs are good size for apartments and laps

color blocking is on trend-for-fur where it belongs(!!!)-and fashion

in glass containers-that are practically as nice to look at as perfume flacons-refills available, fyi
New: Pet Friendly Cleaning Products-gift wrap ready
Other scented products by The Good Home-including a custom scent option

all The Good Home cleaning products…adhere to the above

Can't wait for summer-get a preview-with scent

CEO + founder, Christine Dimmick

oversized clothes pins are amazing…take one and toss in a gym bag or drawer...
Widely available in stores and online-Made in the USA-The Good Home is having a cyber Monday special----on its site: