Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BRASIL's National Team-Photos by Platon Antonious in NIKE National Jerseys

A unique photo gallery of the Brazilian national team shows the magic of football at Sugarloaf.
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The heart and soul of the Brazilian national team capture(ed),
 Nike invited the renowned photographer Platon Antoniou portray the players right after their victory in the Confederations Cup. Antoniou both photographed all 23 members of the team and the coaches in their new team facilities - motivated and ready for the big tournament of the coming summer.

On the occasion of the football event next summer Plato wanted the Brazilian football, the associated culture and style interpret and photographed for 57 football greats in their new National jerseys. The recordings of top players like Neymar, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Paulinho and Bernard find in the coming year certainly a place at many domestic walls.

"Although the real jersey appear more yellow, you can compare the Brazilian football only with pure gold," says Plato. "I have the light set so that the jerseys of the players appear more golden and thus all remember the strength and success of this team."

The equipment of the Brazilian national team can be pre-ordered now at Nike stores and on 1-available DEC. 5th 2013



D. Luiz


Thiago Silva