Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Accessory Project Panel on 2013/2014 Trends

(l-r) Raakhee Mirchandani Singh, Daily News Managing Editor/Features, Liliana Vasquez-"The Cheap Chica"...Jill Zarin (Jewelry Designer/Shapewear, Melissa Gerstein+Denise Albert aka "The Moms"

91 Horatio Street,

A 9AM start time helped bring out the media types for a lively panel discussion on accessory trends for the coming year. 

Hosted by Karen Gilberson, Accessories Council President, we got there about half way through-just in time for a chit chat on not only Fall trends---like the year round appropriateness of the color white---but also the Spring 2014 runway observations that we all have been eyeballing all week.  

ever busy-Jill Zarin's very $ friendly
 Color as always is often a starting point for consumer purchases...and tones such as white and black---joined by neons and softer hues of the same shade will keep Spring 2014 well tinted.

Wearable technology in fashion accessories was another topic. Although not even coming close to the gee whiz level we see at Outdoor Retailer-(leaving out those Google Glasses that somehow seem a bit precious to us)...including smartphone friendly touch text tips on gloves, and personal fitness watchers/trackers that synch up with smartphone apps. 

We love their aviators +made in the USA....RANDOLPH
We'd be impressed if a handbag manufacturer merged style with a rechargeable element inside the satchel...plug right into a drained battery electronic -discretely inside. We see this in backpacks and urban daypacks in performance gear lines. Extra points...the unit recharges via solar cells, electricity or the wearers' motion.

great way to add some color to any outfit----Elizabeth Gillet-designed in NYC-crafted in India
 Another trend we talked with Karen Giberson about-afterwards= wearing of glasses without prescription lenses---to add shape and color to faces---something we see not only NBA players like Oklahoma City Thunder's basketball point guard Russell Westbrook adorning themselves ---but a lot of young men in their teens...20's--that we know- who live in NYC---something they started doing about a year ago. Cool looking-as the frames frame the face much like a gal's eyebrows would when they are shaped. Plus, we see lots of color and geometric options that totally change a guy's visage and can matchy match up with an outfit.

 A separate room displayed several brands including well known ones like watch maker Bulova and hat/handbag designer Eric Javits, but also less on the radar offerings- Antonym, Beylerian Collection, Biaggi, Boconi, DolceVita Cashmere, Elizabeth Gillet, Jing Ai, Jill Zarin Jewelry Collection Joanna Maxham, Leigh Anne Barnes, Randolph, Roman & Sunstone, Stewart Stand and Trellie.

founded by 2 guys sick of waiting for their wives to call back-this Trellie device attaches to purse handle/backpack-alerts via battery powered flashing LED lights when a call arrives on smartphone. We say, smart!

handsome and durable Stewart Stand Stainless Steel/Silk collection prevents some identity thief from stealing the 411 on card chips via RFID technology. USA credit cards aren't there yet-but RFID chips w/ lots of info on them- are used practically everywhere else in the world...and will be here too.

Brenthaven handsome guy friendly haulers-iPad cases, laptop messengers etc

Bulova classic stainless steel woven bands-