Monday, September 23, 2013

Niche Beauty Products -NYFW, BeautyPress Media Event, The Browshop

Nolcha-Chelsea Piers, Midtown Loft, 25 Bond Street/NYC

Standing out in a crowded, competitive beauty/hair-skincare marketplace is tough---so many smaller labels opt for media laden events ---including NYFW----to get the buzz going on their products.

Chef Roblé and his Sparkling Cocktail
At a recent beautypress Spotlight dummies, we headed for the food first-served up by Bravo's Top Chef Roblé-who has partnered with fragrance company Brands With A Purpose for a "fragrance recipe" of the young talent's signature creations: a  fruity/spicy sparkling cocktail---and an addictive French Toast Crunch dessert.

French Toast Crunch treats w/chocolate/fine sugar...
CLIQUE by Roble´-=wearable recipe.  Custom bottle by POWER SHOVEL-launching for women-Spring 2014

Chef Roblé with his team...

Founders and in-law related Carole Hallac and Roy Hakimian---of social networking site Pampadour-a destination (on-line) for beauty experts and addicts to exchange pics, videos, how-to's and ideas. A clean grid box design makes navigating a snap-  and brands involved like Votre Vu, Tarte, Lenore Greyl (j'adore!) and Mario Besdescu-etc.  don't do the hard -sell--- but are more solution driven.

BeFine products---evolved around the concept that nutritious food ingredients are ideal sources for effective beauty/grooming treatments-when combined with scientific know-how. BIG PLUS-the line is also-vegan, animal cruelty free... fragrance, paraben, and preservative free.

Love the packaging too -especially the Rough Spot Lemon Balm ($25), pictured below...that had the guys at this event-walking away with samples.

BeFine Body Moisturizer Mists-with botanicals and fruit, and Body Soufflés ($10 each) available now

VitaMan-an Aussie line of men's grooming/skincare products inspired by "Nature's Pharmacy" of the Australian Outback -is available at  Barney's in the USA---including their handy line of travel size goodies...packaged according to use/concern----shave, face, body or sport

Rub proof, waterproof-smearproof tough---SeneGence's LipSense Liquid Lip Color ($22) really does hold up for hours and hours! It's a process to apply though-first lining the lips-like one would do with a lip liner- with the chosen color (out of many flattering shades), then filling in 2x, then using the top gloss coat-which one might need throughout the day. Serious make-up remover to get off is required...but that's the point!

From Brazil- Überliss is known for it's formaldehyde-free frizz taming Keratin Smoothing Systems...available at salons---but is now offering to consumers-sulfate free, moisturizing Hydrating Conditioner (we love-we already use the thick creamy formula, lightly scented- that gets the knots out easy), Hydrating Shampoo and RituOil-for thermal repair damage containing the workhorse argan oil.--Adds shine too-a few drops does it-maybe a dime sized -smoothed from roots to end.  

Aloe based skincare line the Aloe Source...founded/run by three women (including Audrey Cole left- Allison Kusenberger- right). who were won over by the healing powers of this anti-oxidant/protein, anti-aging enzymes packed, healing succulent plant-and found a reliable North American source to partner with-to assure the integrity of the key ingredient for their 21 products. We sampled the Luminosity Masque ($32) right after attending this event-as our chin skin was flaking off-yech...impressive, it soothed our dryness and as we scoured the label---Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice is the 2nd ingredient-after water-not buried way down on the  list ---meaning effective ---not just an afterthought.

The Bespoke collection from Memoire Liquide-offers up 150 essential oils that can be customized for a truly unique and personal fragrance. And of course-great packaging! Available exclusively at Fred Segal (LA), Henri Bendel(NYC), ELYSE CONCEPT and Hipnose

Japanese skin and haircare products are making their way across the Pacific---including the fun packaged Gatsby Moving Rubber men's grooming hair 'wax' that is a best seller in that country...and sold worldwide already.

Developed to keep stick straight hair up-kinda tomahawk style, the super serious Gatsby tamer now comes in different strengths-Spiky Edge (pink)-super short hair, Wild Shake (purple) casual messed up short-medium short locks, Air Rise (green-volume with a light finish for medium length), Cool Wet (blue-for that slick look-all hair lengths).  Not crunchy, non-sticking at all---just a dab will do, rubbed between palms and smoothed through.

IMO: No doubt-with Ricky's (and Amazon) carrying the line-women will be buying up too.

DC area native-Linh Phan of BeScene Hair Studios (Bethesda, Md.)-helped gets hair right for attendees 

At Nolcha Fashion Week days...and again at the Beauty Press event-we met up with smart and lovely Alicia Grande -Prez of Grande Naturals-a company dedicated to growing hair where one would want it-on the lashes (fuller, longer-in about 4-6 weeks) and up top.

The formulas both contain anti-aging combos of Amino acids, peptides, plus vitamins---and are non-irritating, of course. Impressive-the before and after pics on the website...of users of the GrandeLash™-MD eyelash and eyebrow formula...a multi-tasker-that can be deployed for fuller lower lashes too. 
Also available....a conditioning mascara with a special ingredient "Sympeptide 226EL"-that conditions lashes as well as insta lushness via length and volume. In black and non-irritating, we are already users ---and like how the easy application is clump-free too. 

As a follow-up to the Fifth Avenue launch of Joey Healy's Browshop at Completely Bare Spa---we visited the latest rendition at the spacious (and calm) Bond Street location in NOHO for an appointment.

Bonus Points: The well trained specialist (Tara)---asked assorted lifestyle questions and preferences (we usually always wear a strong lip color) before anything-an approach we really appreciated-and obvi-an indication of the personalized touch personified by Healy. 

Especially since we like our brows, as is---and don't do anything with them. 

Having said that though---we wanted to experiment a bit with a stronger brow as it's a look that's on trend for Fall and beyond-as witnessed by the latest slew of NYFW Spring 2014 shows we went to---particularly the brow focused looks of the models at fashion designer Christopher Kane show...

Corduroy, Equestrian, Tobacco, Raven Luxe Brow Powders

What we got-measured first of all. And our shape was 98% proportioned perfectly (yup there is a way to do this-based on face angles)...followed by a quick quick quick banishment of fine hairs, some brow trimming of length- though we guess use of the Brow Structure Clear Set transparent gel (water resistant) would keep them all in place--- and then a dry application (can also use wet) of the lightest tone Luxe Brow powder (Corduroy $28)-which--- billed as waterproof=IS (we went for a 10 mile run afterwards---and had no streaks!).

It was interesting for us. AND the stronger brow did not look wormy. Importantly as we have green eyes---it didn't overpower our peepers---a look we hate and see all over town now. 

As in, we only notice the brows, not the eyes of gals with darkened brows that are too Groucho Marx much.

Bottom line-we can see why people leave it to the pros for help-but Joey Healy has a few key products to maintain the brow shape/definition at home...including four tones of the aforementioned powders -good for filling in, Brow Architect Stylos-eyebrow pencils in 3 tones- for super precise results-that can add shape, the Brow Structure Clear Set transparent gel, a Sculpting Brow Tweezers ($32), and a Duo Brow Brush ($28). 

Plus---one leaves with a card that shows the angles and products used... AND a "no tweeze zone" for the pluckers out there---- just how to replicate it all,  at home---or a suggested time to come back for another appointment. 

INFO and to book online:

Completely Bare/The BrowShop