Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Work/Relationship Advice That Matters-From Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyant Thomas John


On the first day of real Spring -last older-ish woman...walking in the opposite direction to our leisurely stroll-stopped so suddenly that we stopped too. She turned towards us-and with a- her eyeballs to our eyeballs look said "I see you are surrounded by purple."

Well,  just a two years and a few days prior-we would have written it off as a maybe not so typical encounter with a fellow New Yorker, whatever...but since we've become more clued into different energy fields that resonate around humans...we actually got the reference to aura colors.

And coincidentally, it was a few hours after we had a chat with Thomas John...a  Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyant talent---who manifests an annual predictions 'list'-that is a very popular read.

Even for those with fond (profound) childhood memories of Mattel's circular, water filled oracle- the Magic Eight Ball™---the idea of a looking within and/or beyond one's physical self for the 411 on life-is not necessarily a comfortable endeavor. Yet, theoretically, we all have intuitions (gut feelings), insights, deep feelings---it's a matter of tapping into one's psyche...and of course, being open to that.

Our way of leaning in---as a basis for some Q/As...

At first, Thomas John explained---how the advice and insights he offers as a Life Coach ---emanates from several areas---that he can help individuals to connect order to tap and trust their own intuitions...

AS IN "basically doing a (1)-a  Medium who offers advice "that's more on a soul level..." and as a (2) Guidance/Life Coach---who talks to different levels of spirits...including what he calls spirit guides-who used to live on earth though they may not be a someone known "in real life..." and "guardian angels" a spiritual entity that even humans who don't believe in any of this-often site as a source of protection.

John -as a Clairvoyant-also cited connecting with (3) a divine source---"who you pray to" meaning an  actual being, or Buddah, or Mother Nature---not necessarily something that is in a specific form.

As an example, he cited a client who is in HR in the finance industry---who makes decisions on whether to hire (or fire) individuals---who learned to develop and truly trust her intuitive abilities.

What Else:

People seek out John's advice for general and specific questions, "depending"---and " is helpful if there is an area they want to focus on...and are open."

"There has to be trust, " he noted, " people are there to see the Medium but are really not there to connect with me...but to get information."

As far as delivering 'bad news'---(our term)...John pointed out that he has never told people "watch out you are going to die in ten years...but I give realistic readings...and if people ask...readings can be both---in response to big existential questions or specific stuff."

LIKE...with the uncertain job market, a number of people were coming in with a form of the "what is the point" question----while a recent law school grad solely cared about " I going to get a law job?" 

"Some people want to know boom boom boom-while others are open to whatever comes through." And yes, John has had a few clients, who sit there with arms defensively crossed, with what we think of as a show me the money pout -but IMHO-why bother if one really feels that way.

Our telephone talk ended with John answering our queries about career paths ---and interestingly for us, included not only insightful impressions that we intuitively know to be true, but also a spot-on observations ---as a Medium. 

And for those in the mindset that people come into your life for a reason, a season...or a lifetime, we were yet again reminded of an encounter with a fellow blogger -that-took place two years ago-at a media event for a beauty collection---who basically said..."Oh, Thomas John, you have to meet him."


Thomas John regularly contributes to and has been featured by top media outlets and radio stations including The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Travel Channel and The Trisha Show...and as a regular guest on 103.9 WFAS FM and 77 WABC AM.

Thomas John’s services include Energy Cleansing & Healing, General Psychic Readings, Inner Circle Memberships, Life Coaching Sessions, Mediumship Packages, Mediumship Telephone Readings , Psychic Questions and Remote Viewings...

Additionally- occasional group readings and instructive classes are held at NYC's META Center-for a modest fee. 

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