Sunday, February 10, 2013

SAY YES TO HOPE BENEFIT Charity Fundraiser Gala/Fashion Show

W Hotel, 541 Lexington Avenue, NYC

It's fashion week in New York-with packed schedules necessitating a lot of careful coordination-but an invite by a sponsor GBK Productions---to attend a charity benefit for Yes To a must stop by for us.

After all -one of our daily affirmations is---there but the grace of G-d, go I...

We got there in time to hear the amazing Suzanne Lindley speak about her own story...when diagnosed with liver cancer and given a less than stellar prognosis---what it's like living with the disease for these past  fourteen years-and what led her on a journey of discovery-including medical treatment options available ( in her case, by Sirtex for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy)--- and then... to turn the corner of life as it were-becoming a passionate advocate- organizing a support institution --- for everyone affected by cancer---a serving up a multi-displinarian team to help/coordinate the efforts of care givers, with actions by family members and the needs of the patients.

Afterwards we did chat a bit with this dynamo of a lady---and asked if she felt it was her calling in life---to provide hope ad knowledge just at a moment in people's lives when they need it so desperately.

"I don't know if it was my calling...I was "just" a little housewife from Texas with kids at home..." Lindley answered modestly...

Suzanne Lindely-center---with Plitz Fashion Marketing ---
As for one of the sponsors- GBK Productions...we know them from their annual gifting suite during New York Fashion Week. We sat with some of the team---and were beyond impressed with their genuine support for this organization----and their ability to stay awake really-after organizing a Super Bowl fest that culminated with a Justin Timberlake concert for the lucky invited guests.

FYI: GBK employee Michael Mazzella will be giving the scoop of what the celebs covet at those Oscar suites that we all read about...on the fab Wendy Williams show---February 22.

Note to self-Mr. M is the kind of guy we would buy stock in if we could---this dynamo---who will be of legal drinking age by next year's Super that perfect blend of dish and nice. Like an Andy Cohen type----but waaay ahead.