Tuesday, February 5, 2013


words/images Judith Ecochard

ELEMENTS Fragrance and Skincare/Beauty Showcase---is now on our to-do list---as it presents niche fragrance/skincare/beauty brands ...including very hard to find international collections, in a spacious event space on the fringes of the Chelsea art area...and a short stroll from the Javits Convention Center where the Gift Show is going on.

From Amsterdam-- NASOMATTO
So Oud. By master parfumer Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Founded by Laura Slatkin-NYC based Nest Fragrances (Candles too). 
We are as amazed by some of the glam packaging we see...almost as much as the scents!

Cire Trudon-from France---luxury vegetal candals with cotton wicks. Make a statement!

works of art in a way...

TEN OVER TEN is a new collection of polishes and nail salons (two -as of now- in NYC)...founded by gal pals Nadine Ferber ---and Adair Ilyinsky-who was at the show---

pretty and edgy---lots of choices
As explained to us---the 112 Reade Street locale is a relaxed 2nd story oasis for the harried types---seeking expert mani/pedis- and a few other grooming services. Custom furniture and iPads all set up to swipe away... so no mussed up nailbeds flipping through those printed words....
Spring 2013 Nail Polish colors-named after streets of the Big Apple...free of formaldehyde, fyi
There is also a mani/pedi salon in midtown-at the Parker Meridian Hotel. And in a nod to reality-one can book appointments online.

She ave aour nails a quick efficient polish change...NICE

One of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine's favs...ROSA MEXICANA---roses roses roses $54

OVANDO is an upscale florist design/event production shop-entity that showcased intoxicatingly scented candles---with aromas inspired by the gorgeous flowers that were on display.

A sense of humor with a handy cocktail recipe...to mix-up and drink down as your nails are drying...all in a tidy package of cool nail polishes  that are free of formaldehyde, TFF, and DPB---- from the aptly named Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics.

Andrea Pahn

Founder Andrea Pahn-is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur---and a mom and a gal who got bored with the nail polishes out on the market.

We never really gave gluten-free cosmetics a thought---but it makes sense if one is sensitive to THAT---after all the skin absorbs a lot...so we were intrigued with Kaia Natural Cosmetics...also from the Great White North country of Canada. A treatment primer-made of argan and moringa oils-is surprisingly lightweight---we tried.  And so we were told, moringa oil=from the seeds of the pods of a leafy Himalayan tree, fyi- has 6x the vitamin C of ranges and 17x the calcium of milk. What this means for skin---a formulation that's anti-oxidant loaded, a free radical fighter that helps with pollutants that can wreck a complexion- and rejuvenating-with massive amounts of oleic acid that penetrates the skin, easily.

Juicy Bambo cleansing cloths- are pre-moistened, cleansing clothes that takes it all off-meaning make-up and grime---in a really pleasant scented manner. Interesting- certified organic honey (Canadian), and plant based essential oils-are in the mix---and sooth not irritate---while also doing double duty as a toner. Nice...PLUS bonus-no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or alcohol.

Mary Futher-founder-Kaia Naturals...cruelty free/Vegan

Portable aromas---were maybe more common back in the days when indoor plumbing was far far off in the distant future. These luxurious baubles--- are inspired by pomanders with with spices--- are a must for those with sensitive noses.

These beautiful (and hefty) 'necklaces' are by the Italian based fragrance house, Simone Cosnac Profumi, founded by a Brazilian by birth, Simone Cosac Naify-a woman who resides in the glamorous Villa La Tana-an ideal Medici abode in the hills above Florence with a storied 'love nest' past ---starring Francesco I De Medici and his betrothed, Bianca Cappello.
in background-Perle Di Bianca line of perfume, body oil, body cream=head notes Neroli, Core notes-Iris, Mulberry, Jasmine,,,Base notes-Amber, Musk, Myrrh
refills for the necklace-solid perfumes
crystal bottles-elegant

sparking rosebuds-head notes of thorn of roses, pink and black peppercorns, lychee-core notes-damask rose essence, tuberose,  jasmine and peach- in base notes of virginia cedar, indomesian patchouli, mineral amber, laos bezoin, peruvian balm,
Eau de Parfums ($143+), home fragrances-diffusers/sprays (starting at $37), candles ($56) and body care products  are available in different scent groups including the Atelier line of ---Spices fragrance (with geranium, lavender, cinnamon and cloves), and Green Accord fragrance (fresh citrus, floral and woody notes)---

The exotic Trama line---of  Trama and Trama Nera perfumes, and three body essences-Innocenza, Nostalgia and Incanto...are also available-each complex and elegant.

Why we don't see Beauty So Clean™ antibacterial cosmetic sanitizer system(s)---that one can actually spray on powder make-up---or clean brushes with in a sec or two (brush cleanser)---is a crime in a way.

Just ask the hundreds of gals who sample Sephora's cosmetic splendors---yet manage to get some dermatitis irritating something...thanks to all those double dippers.

hard to see in these images-but one quick spray---here on a MAC blush, dries instantly---leaves the powder blush bacteria free...so does not effect application at all...or the color/texture

We think---just carry a portable spray around---so easy...as are the wipes.
Fun-scents for the holiday

Home diffusers are immensely popular...but for a more intense aroma for an indoor space-with the scent permeating a larger area---incense is more applicable. Parfum d'Atmosphere (aptly coined-ha ha)...is by Osense Paris (and available here at New London Pharmacy).

Nope- this is not your hippy parents' smoky patchouli heavy scent fog inducing thing---but much more elegant---our fav so far the Nuit d'Été à St. Tropez-a transporting Ylang ylang and Gernium ($19.99) PLUS...comes packaged with a mini incense burner -as well as 24 sticks...and all conjure up exotic destinations... imo.

We wrote about Kjaer Weis a luxury refillable -natural makeup collection from last year's showcase...

Its glam packaging (Marc Atlan design)---and ---new Spring 2013 colors were all spread out to admire. No surprise to us---the kits with two or three products, pictured above ---are favored bridal gifts for the bridesmaids.

Aromatic homecleaning...dish and hand soaps, all purpose cleaners, laundry detergent, countertop sprays, scrubs, dryer sheets---that kind of stuff- are less the caustic ingredients stuff---infused with natural essential oils (not chemicals)... but get the job done---and are-stylishly packaged in reusable/recyclable bottles/spray=VERY nice.

We are surprised we never heard of CALDREA® before...but apparently, it's a well established line sold throughout the USA/Canada/online.

Seasonal scented collections-described with top, middle and base notes, fyi----aka this Spring 2013 it's Rosewater Driftwood join year round collections like Ginger Pomelo (with hints of grapefruit, ginger basil)...and our fav Mandarin Vetiver (orange, petitgrain, vetiver). Impressive.

AND: A natural extension of business...the Caldrea body care collections (body wash, bar soap, body lotion, body creme, body oil, perfume $10-$28)...with botanicals properties that heal, and chia seed + rice bran oils...that hydrate, heal and act as natural collagen stimulants for the skin.  we tired the body lotion-in Tea Olive Lime-it absorbed right away---and left a very pleasant scent...with a hint of citrus. We liked!

Several other scents are available and smartly grouped by characteristics like fruity, citrus, floral, aromatic, herbal, aquatic and woody.

BONUS-no phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, DEA or artificial colors.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care products are collectively one of those adored cult beauty care lines used by those who make a living on their looks-and no doubt-get hordes of freebies...yet remain loyal to what works and seriously -what one can eat.

These biologically active masks are amazing---and a great way to get to know a collection.  Four kinds available-we tried the Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask-that is anti-inflamatory/anti aging. Mix with a little water (purified, duh) or organic goat milk yogurt and organic raw honey... (1 tsp each)-and use 1x a week/or 2x month. Masks must remain moist on the skin...fyi. $55/25 masks

Founded in 1996-ths family run biz-is based on the principal of using only edible, living ingredients-certified organic/biodynamic and wild crafted herbs (harvested from unpolluted habitats), fruits, (sea) vegetables and virgin cold-pressed vegetable and essential oils. Plus, and we loved this part-100% certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel is the base of the products, not water.

Meaning active ingredients that penetrate the skin ---not funky chemicals or synthetics (fillers)...that are DOA...or questionable in terms of effectiveness.

A concept we found novel---all the skin care offerings are for all skin types...oily, dry, sensitive, etc---with usage being the variable for individual needs.

We tired

There's a handy travel kit with containing organic day, night and eye cremes, herbal toner, purifying cleanser, soothing gel, nourishing treatment oil and one mask...

with pink pepper, aldehydes, orange, black currant flower, and leaf , hawthorn, rum and wine, rosemary, davana base notes---plus vetiver, patchouli, cedar, vanilla, amber, fir balsam, musk, oak moss...PLUS-to name a few.
Beautiful bottle, exotic eau de parfum-with a surprising black currant note-the made in France- Vagabond Prince is a work of love...with one scent-the Enchanted Forest---showcased. Inspired by the forest, woodsy aromas-this exotic spicy woody scent is divine.