Tuesday, February 14, 2012




words/images Judith Ecochard

Take a romantic spot-the Empire State Building-a clever marketing campaign-combined with best selling skin care by Euro import Nivea...PLUS a few celebs...equals a lovely launch.

MILLION MOMENTS OF TOUCH-Nivea's campaign to get us all off our smartphones, iPads, and other electronics-!

"Cigarette" gal with Nivea products
our go to for our dry hands

lip moisturizers with a touch of shimmer/flavor
 NIVEA's year long effort to encourage humans to actually interact with each other pre-the tech obsessed days of electronics-seemed fitting- and just in time for Valentine's Day.

Talk show host, Dr Drew Pinsky (Lifechangers, Celebrity Rehab) followed Nivea's corporate team-with a supportive talk pointing out how our body's largest organ-our skin-is hard wired to need physical "touch"-for our well being....
THEN and very FUN---Nivea announced it's Facebook contest for the ultimate couple---who next December ---get the top prize of an all expenses romantic date-including pricey things like airfare---"whatever it takes..."

AND then the ultimate Nivea spokescouple was introduced---married sweethearts Rebecca Rominj and Jerry O'Connell----who we assume have soft skin, courtesy of the host's products.

 Of course-the duo amply demonstrated how PDA they are-that means physical display of affection---not personal digital assistant.

INFO:http://www.facebook .com/NIVEA