Monday, February 6, 2012


In our inbox...

From Berlin. no less-

We get the scoop on the latest from USA giant NIKE-and their new running, football (mean soccer) and basketball Look Of Sport collections-for men and women...and no surprise-like what we get image when Nike gets into apparel and footwear-they don't really just go for it, slogan, not withstanding. The company really "engineers" with style.

Football (soccer) collection

Techy fabrics- chafe free seamless construction...excellent breathable and moisture management par excellence-with a whole lot of fashion-y details...givens for all Nike wear...even casual wear non-competitive apparel and footwear.


 No stranger to minimalist footwear with the runners (Presto, Free Run 2)-and more supportive Air Max and Lunarfly...inspires sneakers that look good at any pace.

LIFESTYLE casual footwear...

MAN U-in Nike
FOOTBALL (soccer)

Brasil's football kit-
 Off and on the pitch-Nike soccer attire


Basketball's Kobe Bryant is really popular Nike with his own branded style.

Nike-also goes the collegiate route---with perennial basketball D1 powerhouses...dressed just so.

Pumped up hi-tops are back in style-as are a lot of 90's wear....

There is probably not a lot of major sports left on planet earth that Nike hasn't dipped a toe into---(we anticipate triathlon gear soon)....

AND At the recent SIA tradeshow---the company was debuting its snowboarding footwear and performance wear-set to deliver Fall 2012. Looked great-though we didn't demo....