Sunday, February 19, 2012


Snoop $155-Kylie $175

Sixth Avenue, FFANY

words/images Judith Ecochard

IRREGULAR CHOICE's whimsical ways with ladies footwear-is something unmatched by any other label we can think of-in terms of eye-catching (poppin') materials, textures, accessible prices we doubt anyone can replicate...even crafty types who live at Michaels. (FYI: typical range $99-$215).

Bows and bold colors and prints on victorian lace-ups

practically demure for Irregular Choice...

A recent visit to their midtown NYC showroom to preview the Spring 2012-delivering now, left us more than amazed and impressed with the fantasy versions of what Alice might wear in some Wonderland. Or here on earth to bump up any outfit.

natural textured materials-like burlap and raffia -so pretty

Kupcake $165

Kupcake $165

Comments made in every review of IRREGULAR CHICE shoes-these are pumps/sandals/peep toes/boots that make the outfit...

A natural chic collection for brides...the only part of that outfit to wear again and matter what happens in the marriage. Ha Ha.

Flowering Quince

Spice Swirl

AND-often it's pointless to talk about trends...just rest assured, Irregular Choice shoes are made very well in their own facility in China---

woven cap toe pumps with flowers

Flat ballets get the sparkle treatment Hopscotch Heaven $99

Fresh Cut Grass $155

Lucite heels-

Woodstock $195

Cute sandals...walking jewelry Jessie Jessie $110 & Quack Quack $110

Milkshake Mush $155

Fringes on heel-

Wedges are popular summer styles-here the red, white, and blue are turning out to be a very popular option.

Mumba-(L) $145

Weaver $165

Stick of Rock $155

Bonus-feminine linings.

IMHO: Lady Gaga would go gaga over any of the above.