Monday, February 6, 2012

d BRAND (db) Casual Apparel-M/W Fall 2012

Garment Center, NYC

top pick-women's suede jacket-in light brown chestnut color too....

words/ images Judith Ecochard

d Brand aka db- is a casual Swedish based fashion lifestyle collection---- we are in our second season of previewing.

For Fall 2012 the apparel for women and men veer towards cool, stylish function---with warm outerwear  (not bulky), chunky knits...and for us-the d brand standouts-the denim.

Super soft and warm-tunic length turtleneck

Great accessories ---chunky knits-that have great to the skin feel-not itchy.

db's denim is delivered as a slim cut-not super skinny-BUT really very flattering-with a lot of stretch too...low waist hit, nice back pocket details...and various washes for Fall 2012-from dark to pre-faded. Price wise-we were told around $110-$140

 Puffy down jackets---come in a range of color, have inner stash/mesh pockets AND----

manage to have a slimmer profile than the usual puffy...with all of the warmth.

sleeve pocket-for skipass/media pocket

removable faux fur collar---old school clean cut-

Bomber shapes-nice-with fake fur....

water resistant-basic jacket made with bold zippers add she style flair

Varsity jackets, db version-is slim cut that feels like a soft sweatshirt. Clever.

Men's jeans in particular, have just enough slack-for a fitted style to be comfy...on an employee...

Special thanks---SOCKERBIT's (89 Christopher ST. -West Village)--- mouth watering candy's...especially the licorice!