Thursday, November 10, 2011


Levi's® Spring 2012-lots of skinny straight legs, nice tops/dresses with feminine details

West 37th Street, NYC

MEDIA PREVIEW  SPRING 2012 words/images Judith Ecochard

Levi's® ----gee we thought, the sec we entered the cavernous space on West 37th Street in the forbidden zone---aka right off the Westside are they gonna top this one.
in a Filson/Levi"s Jacket-hunting style trucker

Meaning the Levi's team who put this packed media preview together....which included models posed just so- and sculptural vignettes with the pieces hung about- from their main collections that we intro'ed last season---

---the Commuter line-designed with techy fabrics and features for hip (and brave) cyclists in urban environs.

...the Waterless denim bunch that uses significantly less water to get that blue jeans feel without the waste...very important eco friendly-

... the amazing collabs with iconic USA brands like Filson and Supreme,

---the Made in the USA refined, high-end limited editions-made with selvedge premium denim- that we marvel at when ever we are at the Meatpacking District Levi's store in NYC...and our fav line of jeans ever

---the Curve ID series that are the only jeans that fit us "out of the box" in a matter of speaking. Tailors, beware.

We snapped away----


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delivered patched---

navaho insert


left-the Filson/Levis's jacket in oil tin cloth that's weather tough

side access pocket in back for the duck
button storm flap over zip

inner pockets

Levi's Len Peltier (CREATIVE DIRECTOR) in the Supreme/Levi's suede jacket-

vest-riveted denim-Filspn/Levi's -note only men's ahem!


Other American brands were generously showed....

models and the boss melted into one well-dressed bunch

precious drinking water-is just that-and the denim comes in ad of rinses and types

country chic---with edge-y boots

not a bad way to get paid-model clothes nursing a hangover (joke)

Retro-Dazed & Confused country chic-gingham, dots, high waist--had us thinking 70's

Preppy -wear it in Maine or Missouri---button downs in spring tones

CURVE ID ANKLE SKINNY---is our top pic-COLLECT ALL- for Spring 2012 from Levi's---the display-not live -but photographs of models by Viviane Sassen -was so clever-and we loved the color pops. 

The music was divine-a string quartet flown in from San Fran-played Lady Gaga and a bust a move version of Thriller...genius!

The texture of these trousers---is a bit stiff but not un-comfy---not a washed in feel but we think these are great travel/work options.

Sta-Prest-with the right amount of slouch

The feel of selvedge jeans is primo---

These two from the left coast- probably had a bunch of people by their sides non-stop---the tidbits they turned out were wonderful and inventive combos of ingredients----

flavored in lavender-surprisingly worked

Upstairs---a full bar-stocked with Patron Tequila...and a fun photobooth-ready for the 21st century.

Selvedge-made in  the USA---premium priced and worth it

What wasn't to like---Levi's continues to be fashion driven, modern and easily one of the most innovative lifestyle brands out there...


CODA: The crowd was very au courant-it was hard to distinguish between the models and invited guests-everyone was wearing Levi's something- a tribute to a well designed brand that manages to look great on everyone from 8 to 80 years young.