Monday, November 7, 2011


Lucky 13

Outdoor Retailer/SLC
words/images Judith Ecochard

60th Anniversary Backpack Limited Edition $150

Vintage Americana sells...and for good reason. The designs stand the test of time---and the backpacks stand-out amongst all the technical gear.

These, by Kelty---are some of the best we have seen---no wonder they retail at hip fashion outlets---

KELTY is a multi-faceted company celebrating its 60th anniversary.
We loved these vintage style packs that are hitting the market now-featuring leather accents, buckle straps, fashion flag emblem...and exposed nickel plate zips.

New-vintage inspired...the Windjammer $ overnight bag with a 21st century laptop sleeve, grab handle, and handy shoulder straps that unclip for use...and fold away.

electronics fit in here-nice colors too

Also available-end of November-the China Clipper Bag $175-a bigger version.

Our fav---the Mocking Bird Backpack---the  side pockets are removable

Removable backstraps too.... $125.