Monday, November 28, 2011


David Venable

words/images Judith Ecochard

Truth be told-we had never watched a QVC anything---though we know people who have been on this mega-shopping information channel-and know the super strict vetting process that everything on that on air/on line retailer goes through. As in top quality for everything for sale- that keeps the customers happy-what you see is what you get.

AND for us -that was impressive.

Now-we are beyond impressed with one of QVC's affable host's-David Venable-a guy who know his merchandise and understands his viewers' lifestyles to perfection...via extensive dialogues with viewers, and an active social media outreach effort.

Kitchen Aid Appliances in a rainbow's worth of colors

AND we know this...because we had the good fortune to attend a media invite of all things "COOKING IN THE KITCHEN WITH DAVID®," including generous samples of super tasty bites that we couldn't have enough of, sips of a lovely Chardonnay-and nice chats with the knowledgeable QVC staff-all who had the friendly folksy manners of those working in a laid back Pennsylvania locale vs an intense NYC.

AND we figure that might be one of the reasons this segment- that airs on Wednesday's and Sunday's so popular.

Red-"most popular"

Plus -the show serves as a how-to platform for the top of the line/and-or exclusive/and-or value priced appliances/tools/kitchen essentials.

Top sellers and entire coordinated collections by popular guest hosts (and Food Network stars), Rachel Ray and Paula Dean were displayed along with iconic makers Kitchen Aid---and some newer brightly toned gadget lines for us -like Switzerland's Kuhn Rikon.

On a list...idiot proof to use.

Cook's Essential's Mini Doughnut Factory

Kuhn Rikon-Side-Wind Auto Attach Safety Lidlifter

push the button on top-lifts the lid-no sharp edges

SMART!...easy to use too.

5-in-1 Jar Opener

No more crumbling messes-pie server

Salads in a snap

great for cole slaw prep too

slice thin----


We had a nice chat with David Venable-and wanted to know what is a best seller when it comes to urban customers----"Storage"...

Containers, bowls, beautiful ceramics and lockable lids---oven to table serving pieces too!

Rachel Ray

Temp-Tations- designs brighten any dining table

Paula Dean-cookware and serving pieces
Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray

We could have eaten this entire dish by ourselves. Couscous with sugar snap peas and mint-recipe available on QVC-David Venable's 

A kitchen we coveted...our host with a guest chef  conjuring up DV's recipes-

kept attendees very happy with tasty eats!

We think anything airing on this segment would make a treasured gift---and self-giving---why not! Inspiration to whip up some holiday menus---found here.
Grilled cheese snacks-served right