Friday, September 2, 2011

IRREGULAR CHOICE Women's Footwear FALL 2011

Baby Beauty $149


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Whimsical, outfit makers, head-turning---fanciful...Irregular Choice footwear for gals has devoted collectors-Whoopi Goldber comes to mind---

High Spit Spot $340

Wills & Kate $295

Club Irregular Choice types have new autumnal options arriving now.

Abigail's Party $145

Serpentine $145

For the Fall 2011 collection...materials such as velvet, suede and dark leathers----applied with the extraordinary embellishments, details and sculptural heels that are characteristics of this UK based line...

Royal Marriage $145

...are as fanciful as ever, Over sized flowers, laser etched perforations, straps and buckles,
mixed pattern textiles, buttons, ribbons, feathers- all smashed together in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy.
I'm From Bury

Motherly Love $169

Mirror Mirror $180

J Kelly $125

The colors and patterns--all seem to work though, and we have a feeling hours and hours of designing goes into each model.

And less you think a trip to your local crafts store can yield similar results---the quality is extremely high...due to the fact that the company has its own factory. The embellishments are seamlessly applied---we couldn't even find a loose thread anywhere.

We have a pair of boots with skyscraper like heels-two years old now- that not only are STILL walker friendly, but sturdy too----we can tread lightly and heavily without fear that the heels will snap off.
Mayhem $195
Say Yes $160

 Chunky, flat, platform, and spikes----Irregular Choice shoes will make any outfit one wears-spectacular. No exaggeration.
What An Angel $275

Jelly and Ice Cream $185

Anna Bells Trolley $149

Think Less $139

Kurious Oranj

The Beast $379

I'm From The Future $155-a wedge

Lucky Big Apple dwellers and visitors...there is a store in SOHO at 276 Lafayette Street between Prince/Jersey Streets.

Handbags, men's and apparel available too.

INFO including e-commerce:

Petrisha $225

SIZE FIT---we go half size larger than our usual FYI.

Best Of All-we agree