Thursday, September 15, 2011

FASHION NIGHT OUT--Dockers Gets Hip + KISS' Beauty "Brings The Salon Home®"

September 8th, 2011

FNO draws the crowds--uptown, midtown downtown...and with the great weather and the party on MO---we are sure people were still returning home when we woke up the next day.

Stopping at the lower level of Bloomingdale's /59th Street---we got a pic of the new Docker's collaboration with GQ magazine's anointed best new designers...with winner T by Alexander Wang-in soft, cotton 3-ply twill with tonal applied patches/five pocket styling and a trim fit---- and runners- up Patrik Ervell, Gant by Michael Bastian, Miller's Oath, Warrior's of Radness , and Riviera Club.
Dockers spurred on casual Friday's dress code and has now taken on a colorful twist on the chinos we all know. BTW- T by Alexander Wang's winner retails for $200

These pals looked great---he is in a Jil Saunder suit that is perfection

Brooklyn based-Beach Fossils rocked-outside Bloomies-of all places

Over at Opia---we were intrigued by a pr teaser about KISS®---a Korean company- that smart, smart smart, solved beauty issues- at mass market drugstore prices (cheap)...including mani/pedi tools, nail art, and artificial nails  that even the clumsy can get right.
With exclusive tab that makes these pre-glued NAILS are easy to apply---for a 7-10 days' lasting artificial nails' flawless manicure. To remove, soak nails in warm water 10-15 seconds, loosen glue & remove gently.
This manicurist helped attendees with the application---but really, not necessary IMHO.

We love fake eyelashes done well...and KISS...serves up their own in 9 variations for the ideal fluttering peepers.

A small red thread makes placement on the eyelid that much easier.

With Kiss' proprietary glue---complete with just brushes eyelash strip's end---let it dry 30-60 seconds...then  with one eye open...take the now tacky strip and apply...using the thread as a means to place right at the roots of one's own eyelashes. Easy---and fyi, the You Tube explains it all for the visually oriented.

Waterproof--the false eyelashes can last 24 hours...if not more.

We tried out a pair---and indeed ---they enhanced our own lashes for an entire day/night cycle---and looked so natural (but better)...our friends didn't even realize we had a fake flutterers.

Available at mass market merchs---Walmart, CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid etc etc etc

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