Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BEAUTY CONTEST@ Austrian Cultural Forum NYC

11 East 52nd Street

A jewel of a building-really, it's only 23 feet across, this artistic oasis in midtown has varied programming-from film, concerts, art exhibits etc.---that champions Austrian artists- as well as those from all over the world.

Surrounded by glass skyscrapers

The piano lowers down from the ceiling-storage solution par excellence

Currently, "Beauty Contest"----a video, art, sculpture exhibition----that features artistic works, that play into the inspiration for the occasion-the movie LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE--a poignant and very funny flick about the Hoover family-and their determination to get their endearing daughter into one of those child beauty pageants.

Questions about just what is beauty---from all always interesting and often challenging. At the opening reception a burlesque opera singer (yup, she stripped as she sung), and performance artist Kalup Linzy (recently profiled in the NY TIMES) that both crossed gender stereotypes performed.
This video with audio---is of rats being sold (as pets????snake food???) in a Mexican Market. Like rats in the subway, we were oddly captivated.

Open to the public 10-18:00 daily---and free, it's worth a visit...and imho, refreshing to see European government support for the slightly untraditional take on Beauty.

Clarina Bezzola

next stop-Times Square 

Kalup Linzy

This being a Euro crowd---the party spilled onto the sidewalk for all the smokers, LOL