Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Words/ Show Images Judith Ecochard

Jewelry seems like a easy gift …especially for male challenged purveyors of presents. Well, that’s what we thought until we got a gad awful pin that we are pretty sure will never see the light of day…only Halloween night.

Fortunately, we saw enough of the good stuff…unique in style, from tasteful to cutting edge ---and affordable....that renewed our faith in innovative adornments.

We think actually given the rise in metal costs---the pieces we review here are a good value too.

At a media event downtown, we discovered Raquelle Bianco’s collection of modern, mostly enameled silver pieces that hark back to a Italian tradition…but brings the classic forward….with fresh designs incorporating gem stones. 

Founded by Eddie Weiss and his father Alex...and named after his great grandmother...herself a jewelry designer...the bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins and necklaces are eye-catching, and modern...and tasteful in the way that we think the appeal of this collection is clearly widespread.

We loved the bright colors and art nouveau-ish elements too---and with the collection sold in over 250 outlets including Macy’s London Jewelers and Maddaloni Jewelers…it’s easy to eyeball in 3D just how well made the pieces are. (From $50-$600)

Adha Zelma’s necklaces, earrings, cuffs and bracelets are for the GGGGRRRRRLLLLLSSSS who kick out. Designed by long time BFFs Sheanan Bond and Cherise Trahanmiller -…we could only say WOW…we thought everything we saw were statement pieces. How perfect that we got an image from the PR rep ----with the fierce Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice wearing the Sand Storm necklace ($250) from this line. REALLY Perfect.
Image courtesy of Designer/Vidori PR

Note---these handcrafted works with precious and semi-precious stones---(like 24k Czech beads, Swarovski Crystals)---  are tribal in feel---there is extensive use of feathers that reminded us of the amazing tribal ornaments we saw in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand (Maoris) --but sophisticated in that city gal way.

Prepared to be noticed. We loved it all…and there are several collection categories, including Rock & Bone--- made with animal/reptile bones and teeth.

Prices start around $50---to mid $400s

Ladies who veer towards the delicate should favor the Jessica Ricci Jewelry assortment of charm like pieces that are fashioned from forgotten objects gathered up from around the world. Think forgotten keys, old Masai spearheads, deities from St. Francis pendants to Buddha coins…and even delicate lace from Paris transformed into a feminine cuff.

Semi-precious and precious stones like rubies from India and white diamonds are used in some pieces.

We loved the the crafted pieces---particularly those cuffs---(Lost Wax Casting)….

Magical and mysterious attributes---Jessica Ricci morphs the past lives into everyday wear. ($80-$2000)