Wednesday, December 1, 2010



We always found it odd---why mass marketed designers with a bevy of collections---produced limited women’s sized clothes beyond a 10 or 12.

Size inflation has made garments bigger. But the reality is there is a large population, literally.

The average American woman is somewhere in that 12-16 range. And sometimes because they are tall---over 6 feet in fact, not necessarily because they are what would be considered overweight.

Retailers have wised up …

Take for example SAKS FIFTH AVENUE---we remember their flagship 5th Avenue store in Midtown had their plus size department up and away somewhere and in a section of a store that defined the word drab.

Well-that’s changed…and now the store exclusively sells the classic, elegant TOULA in plus sizes (14-24)---a line of high end, sophisticated separates and dresses for priced $1200-$1600 for ensembles.

Travel-friendly knits and flattering wools comprise the bulk of the fabrics…with chic silk tops available to crate a practical and sophisticated outfit.

American Rag---targets a younger gal---"juniors" in fact ---and is a Macy’s label.

Though not exclusively cut for bigger females …the sizing ranges from XS on up and the prices points are all well under $100. Teen friendly.

The same fun styles are consistent throughout the brand---as in smaller and large sizes all have the same cuts, details, style etc. 

For Spring 2011 that includes sheer long dresses for Boho chic, denim---every which way, cute jackets…frilly summer dresses.