Monday, December 6, 2010

PELLEVÉ™ A Non-Surgical Treatment for Wrinkles

PELLEVÉ™ is a FDA cleared, radio wave technology (similar to Thermage)…  that aims to rid the face of mild to moderate wrinkles and sagging/loose skin for “up to 6 months.”

A fairly new addition to Docs/Derms arsenal of non-invasive lasers, Pellevé is administered by a technician using a small wand –there are two sizes with the tiniest one for the eye area…that is kind of slowly targeting the face/neck.

There can be some immediate smoothing/tightening going on…we think it might be due to slight swelling of the treated area…but the full effects of one or two treatments---the recommended amount where we went---won’t be seen for three months…the time it takes for new collagen cells, the building blocks of one’s skin, in a matter of speaking…to generate completely.

We thought this was interesting since the claim is for “lasting improvement for up to six months”---leaving us with three months of the full effects?

Well, anyway we had an under eye treatment when Pellevé first came to a Dermatologist’s office…but wanted to experience a follow-up full face round---as the technology has been out there long enough for administers to gain some real feedback and know-how.

A big difference…positively.

At the Park Avenue office of Z. Paul Lorenc MD FACS---we had a full face Pellevé treatment by the very experienced aesthetician, Carissa McCormack. (Available by appointment).

First a cold grounding pad was placed on our belly-no big deal…and then the treatment began with Pellevé --- no anesthetic involved.

Finally, we felt the warm massage that we had heard about at the company, Ellman’s initial presentation to NY Media a few months ago.

We actually liked it---as it helped partially sooth away a migraine…though that of course is no reason to get Pellevé.

Ms. McCormack really knows her way around a Pellevé wand. She was able to tell from our skin’s reaction (pinkness) whether or not to turn up or down the heat…important as Thermage, a similar technology is painful for most.

She also felt that the full effects of a Pellevé treatment (she recommends two) could last up to a year---depending on factors like sun exposure, lifestyle etc.

ALL Before/after images from

Which made a lot more sense to us…especially factoring in the costs…making it comparable, $-wise, to using many skin products out on the market as directed. Here one can just get it done 2x in one month, for the same results, lasting a year…and skip that other stuff, except sunscreen. IMHO.

Note---Pellevé can be used on all ethnic skin tones…and there is a meter that shows how hot the skin gets heated …

It took about 45 minutes for us total…a true lunchtime treatment.

We had no side effects whatsoever -though redness (erythema) and mild swelling (edema) can occur.

Plus we enjoyed the pre-treatment face cleansing and post-treatment moisturizer application. We thought our skin really glowed; saw very subtle lifting around our eyes and after some make-up …all good to go.

We won’t know the results for about three months…but we will be checking for sure.


Z.Paul Lorenc MD FACS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Wellness Center


We recently attended a cocktail hour in SOHO, where we met the congenial Dr. Paul  M. Friedman, a Board Certified Dermatologist and Director of DermSurgery Laser Centers in New York and Houston (quite the commute)…and author of an easy to read, well photographed primer “Beautiful Skin Revealed” about non-invasive and invasive procedures for the face and body.

We actually read our copy and thought the coffee table sized book well done…with the chapters set up by the problems an everyday gal was bothered by…followed by before and after photos and explanations that were comprehensive, about the solutions.

Since it’s print---we found one suggestion no longer relevant ---mentioning Prescriptives a now defunct make-up line…and the latest of the latest lasers are of course not mentioned in the book.

Still the tome is a handy source for those who know little about what is possible and a good read before one has a consultation.

J. Ecochard