Sunday, December 19, 2010



Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) is fast becoming a label we look to for serious style now---not just for all day comfort.

Eagle Pass $125


Having first previewed the collection a few seasons back at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow---we knew about the wearability factor---

Tavares-cutest Mary-Jane flat $89.95

Flexible...footbeds that support and breath...

Sometimes this translates into ugly shoes though---one would never wear to work for example---in certain circles anyway.

(Boots year round---)
Farmington $149

Lug Sole-up or down---CLARKSVILLE $159

The OTBT fashion scores have soared though---in the last two collections. We particularly like the additions of chunky heels and an expansion of the wedges...details like hammer head nails, braided uppers...CHIC.
St.Croix in sunny Canary, Jungle, Mandarin, Oro, Tuscany $125

Multi strap leather---St. Joseph $152

IMHO-what was once a more performance type of lifestyle footwear ---can now hold its own on the on trend realm of things.

Available online at MUST HAVE SHOES...we expect these kickers to bust out onto retail shelves in urban destinations where many citizens def. do not stray far from the nearest subway stop.

IRREGULAR CHOICE---aka Ethereal Dreams-wow---


 ---mishmash of textures and colors...

...materials rendered into the most beautiful shapes a gal can walk on.

Immensely artistic ---craftsy---fanciful...
Foxy Flowertop $154

---what superlatives can be said about this collection of head turning kickers. And handbags too!!!! Alice in Wonderland as interpreted in shoes.

We could not understand how it is possible this collection is made, and made well---while turning out these heavily detailed-fancy shoes in all sizes...

At really low prices (range from $109-for flats---to $154 for shoes, topping out around $350 for boots)---

---  especially given the price points of big name designers' fanciful creations that can run into the four figures.

Statement shoes and boots that we feel will always sell---we disagree with a lot of what's being touted as a complete return to simpler styles for footwear---IMHO, always a strong market for accessories with flair.

Apparel a different story,

Turns out---the designer has an exclusive factory in China devoted to Irregular Choice production---run by his mother.

Keepin' it all in the family.

And just as we suspected...each style is limited in numbers.

Our advice---at these accessible prices...if one covets a pair, better to purchase than to dwell over it ---here today, gone tomorrow might be the operative expression.

ADDED PLUS: Besides available online at MUST HAVE SHOES etc...a brick and mortars retail store---at 276 Lafayette Street, NYC