Tuesday, May 4, 2010




85 Spring Street NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard/LYRAmag

There have been hordes of collabs lately…as in high-end designers taking the yellow brick road with mid to lower priced giants. Fashion style made more affordable.

Better fusions, IMHO…as the quality is that of equals… are when brands like Adidas launch their own very successful capsule collections…with designers like Stella McCartney .

BUT THIS LATEST LIMITED EDITION mash-up---between Burton ---the USA snowboard icons, and Adidas Originals…is the only select lineup of apparel and footwear we ever REALLY wanted... so far.

And we can’t wear any of it cause it’s only going to hit retailer shelves in November--- as strictly menswear and guy kickers.... HUH???

Nonetheless, we loved what we saw.

Apparently there are set to be 21 apparel items and 7 footwear styles strutting into select Adidas Original and Burton stores (so we were told)...as distribution points. NO E-COMMERCE, wow.

Both logos…which are very recognizable… land on all pieces... that will sell for $40-$350 (separates) and $90-$200…for the footwear.

NOTE: There are techy features…with waterproof and moisture management/breathable fabrics; cool rubber and leather uppers on the old school sneakers, and the lace-ups have that sport snowboarding     thing---- that take us bbaaaaccckkkkk to our first pair of snowboard boots…

BUT this line is really meant for off the mountain.

As in après ski (or snowboarding) ---really bumped up street lifestyle pieces that par excellence, capture that blend of performance wear for everywhere.

WE THINK: Non-boarding trendsetter, fashion conscious types are going to be the first movers  ---we already envision all the European and Japanese tourists who flock the streets of Soho NYC to shop for the holidays (we love them too!!!)…just walking right out the store doors (Burton and Adidas Originals) with this stuff.


The button out lining,

The ‘fur’ lining in this hoodie--- for warmth. Notice the graphics on one sleeve, thick grey stripes on the other---very urban.

Zip down heels on the boots (with leather toggle)...for easy on/off access. White lug sole for color pop.

RAISON D’ETRE: from what we gleamed from press reports online…Ben Preuss of Adidas Original was a pro snowboarder…and wanted “authenticity” with any Adidas snowboarding efforts…

BOTTOM LINE: Great Global Trend choice going with Burton, Ben. And don’t forget the ladies.