Friday, May 7, 2010


EDITOR’s PREVIEW-West 26th Street, NYC

Words, Showroom Images/ Judith Ecochard

Very high-end accessory collections appeal to customers who appreciate the finest materials and craftsmanship… and are very rarely designed with mass merchandized trends in mind.

BUT--there are always new footwear styles in this upper echelon of accessories--- that entice. And at the  family owned Fratelli Rossetti preview, a fashion calendar highlight... 'want it'  gracefully sophisticated samples always beckon--- as sure as the seasons change.

Lucky us, we had the pleasure of having Diego Rossetti serve as our guide.

And of course we asked him his favorite styles. SURPRISE--- we were astonished to learn that the entire collection is around 350 items…and what we saw was a limited selection.


Inspiration from decades past are part of a special group called the “ICONE” project which is a refreshed  “re-release” of  models from the archives.

Autumnal offerings feature many equestrian styles, including the Magenta, part of this special group---and named after Milan’s 18th century byway. The simply elegant boots are fashioned with a stirrup buckle strap that effortlessly has these kickers gallop past riding rings for urban streets.
 Over the knee suede=stunning

 The anchor, engraved with “ROSSETTI-PATENTED” ---is a 70’s iconic embellishment that resembles a bridle bit...and is attached to the brown leather removable strap (that can be worn as a bracelet or attached to a handbag). This feature also adorns chic black suede pumps---available with a upper leather toe.

We are in awe of the quality of the leathers---expensive and hard to source, one-piece uppers, hand-sewn seams (no glue!!!!), layered heels…

Equestrian influences---a knockout brown leather cuff and foot on black suede.

A removable waxed canvas gray cuff on a black leather bootie offers versatility and weatherproofs a classic look.

leather lined too!

The ultimate removable cuff on a dreamy black leather boot with a stirrup strap anchoring under the instep.

Plenty of elegant pumps. Perfectly balanced, an element of physics at play for comfortable strides.

More boots...year round appropriate.

Our go to shoe we wear with denim, dresses, tunics etc...are booties. Here, we love the sensuous carved lace-ups with hand stitched, contrast details. Subtle, thoughtful.


Well, besides everything…there is a deluxe oversized hobo shaped satchel, the ELISA=== that can be a customized for the demanding. A client can select the materials and colors---from smooth leathers  to textured exotic skins ---in neutrals tones to bright pastels. PLUS--- metal hardware elements--- to make this made to order carry all--- all one’s own. All Elisas are hand made in-house at the Fratelli Rossetti facility in Parabiago Italy… we were told, orders would take around four to eight weeks to complete…and of course, include an internal plate personalized with one’s name.

Very exclusive…very unique.

Menswear influences (tassels, oxford brogues lace ups) shoes--- sport many hand details…hand embossed leathers, glowing patina shades only achieved by laboriously hand applied vegetable dyes, again and again…


Renzo Rossetti, introduced the “mythical tassels” in the 60’s …which at that time was a decorative breakthrough for Italian men’s footwear---that tradionally lacked any ornamentation.

Part of the “ICONE” collection, the Brera an elegant loafer style slip on, is reissued for Fall 2010---in leather and plush suede. Special note…the tassels are hand stitched together.

New for Fall 2010 is a welcome addition to the unique Fratelli Rossetti soles…natural latex soles for the more casual shoes. Hand made (20 manual operations!!!)…the process “creates a bubble structure: an infinite number of air cushions.”

The ultimate in comfort, this technology is seen in handsome suede and leather styles and is a natural evolution of the Rossetti One collections of past seasons.


We know better…and we think print editors do too… we will never see a Fratelli Rossetti selection in one of those ‘get the look for less’ columns. It’s impossible and an insult to readers’ intelligence…so why bother.


We learned about----

Aperion is an Italian based NGO that supports ONLUS, a cooperative of Nepal women who are in distress---and now how a means to support themselves via learned the cultural tradition of weaving, and educational opportunities.