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Jack Studios, 601 West 26th, NYC

Words/ Presentation Images Judith Ecochard/

Runway Images Courtesy of Designer.

The high end fashion label Schumacher, effortlessly blends into the wardrobes of sophisticated international women, who--- like the designer-Dorothee Schumacher, are “strong, break a few rules, and make new ones” with “confidence… cleverness, and an open minded approach to their lives and dreams.”

AND with impeccable luxe style, naturally.

SCHUMACHER RTW separates, personal accessories, and shoes are carried by a few retailers in America (Taskashimaya- NYC, Marissa Collections-Naples, Lawrence Covell-Denver)…

…We think that THIS collection will arrive in major stores and boutiques from coast to coast.

If the buyers are smart. Because this is what women want…basics beyond the basic, and solid wardrobe additions.


For this outing during New York’s Fashion Week, a loft presentation space contained racks of Schumacher separates and dresses, for work, travel and casual weekends…with a few mannequins attired accordingly---- and a live model alternating looks for buyers and press.

For Fall 2010, the collection, titled REBELS, RULE BEAKERS, AND TRUE ROMANTICS---there are fabulous tops to wear with practically anything, dresses, leather leggings (a favorite), trousers, suits, and blouses----REALLY an assortment of riches…it was tough to ask the model what to put on next.

One of the first things we 'got'---with a sweeping glance---was the shimmering patina of colors---with the added depth of matte shine---“peeling gold, tarnished silver,” vintage prints, and plush silk/velvet textiles.

There were practical neutrals too…with the added richness of “playful rule breakers” like a bright green and fiery red.

Slate blue/gray are one of our top colors for Fall…and is flattering to many skin tones.

Silhouettes were modern. Shoulders were assertive ===“passionate strength”===

....often capped with geometric shapes of sequins that somehow seemed daywear appropriate.

Details- including these amazing pleats on a pair of leather trousers---are signature of Schumacher pieces--- it is all so precisely special--- and softly interplays with the strong lines.

Refreshingly, the frilly and artsy crafts are not here, but the sexy feminine is---in a BIG WAY.

One of the special touches we loved…the “contradiction” of the nautical touch of scuba neoprene textiles--- in a “traditional tweed: suit. The contrasts and silhouettes reminded us of luxury sportswear collections that belong to the American brand giants that showed earlier this week.

But we strongly feel that Schumacher the brand, and Dorothee Schumacher, the person- are both- much more authentic…as a lifestyle collection, and as individual. NOT a manipulated mouthpiece.

I take from my world, the best,” Dorothee Schumacher noted. And cap it off with the finest, polished finishes.

Other unique finds…a jersey lined leather blazer,

Lace inserts with cap sleeves on a leather/wool top.


Our top accessories pick--- these warm wool boot inserts.

MEDIA ALERT: Start paying attention to SCHUMACHER…and discover what the rest of the world already knows.

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