Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

WORDS/IMAGES:  Judith Ecochard/Lyramag.com

A 9am start on a snow slushy Sunday…doesn’t keep away the devoted from a fashion show, especially that of Lela Rose.

We got there around 8:15 AM and already Tina Turnbow, lead makeup artist for Tarte Cosmetics, Ted Gibson, Hair Entrepreneur and Stylist, and Deborah Lippman, the Editorial choice for nails and polish (and awesome singer)…

---were already working their magic on the incredibly tall models that seemed NBA ready----because of the shoes.

It’s an eco-friendly show…we’re going for the all natural feel and a great connection with Lela’s look for the season,” Turnbow said.

Supermodel/cancer survivor Carol Alt’s chemical free, RAW ESSENTIALS skincare line that debuted HERE … prepped the skin…for a flawless finish---

--- though ironically, one of the inspirations for Rose’s collection for Fall 2010 are the moon’s imperfect textures and the uneven volcanic “craggy shattered” landscape of the Galapagos at nighttime.

Chatting with Lela Rose ---while she got her makeup…. she told us about how touched she was--- by a Vija Celmins graphite seen at a Whitney Biennial…and now owns two works on paper by this artist.

“The drawing transported me to the middle of nowhere,” Rose noted.

The mysterious, night sky “with a full moon peaking behind the clouds” translated into glamorous smoky eyes…”that picks up on the black in her collection,” while the complexion and lips had a “muted cloudy feel.”

“We took away the edges of the face and focused on the eye…” Turnbow informed…using a very glam shimmery deep gray and black with silver flecks  (eye couture palette), Lucy I’m Home (shimmery deep blue gray), and Blue Lagoon (matte blue gray).

Eyes were lined with smolderEYES in black (due out in August)…

Matte skin got that way with Provocateur pressed mineral powder…. with the Eraser 4-in-1 natural concealer, and Smooth Operator oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20.

Blissful Natural Cheek Stain--- was applied over the mineral powder.

Lips got the pout with Pucker Up sheer pink lip balm

 with Smooth Operator applied at the edges for a soft look. VERY PRETTY ROMANTIC and perfect with the luxury clothes.

The lifted hair was done in a “Waking Up in Vegas Way,” that gives “a nice hold but you can work with the hair,” was the scoop from Ted Gibson…salon owner (DC, NYC and with his own line of products).

The look is wind blown…and allows the focus to be on the eyes.”

The crown was teased at the height of the top part of the hair and then a French twist with rough edges “nothing smooth”---after the locks first got blown dry---“to give the hair body.”

“Beautiful Hold” hairspray was the finale, appropriately enough.

Nails got the glow too with a new shade by Deborah Lippman,

... “Across the Universe”…a blue green sparkler…that’s out in August 2010…as the rest of the colors pictured. Eco alert---Lippman’s polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.



And the knockout cocktail and long gowns… and the closer TAYLOR.

All tailored, polished, lush…and seasonless.