Monday, March 1, 2010


PRESENTATION "…Reflections of eryn…"


WORDS/IMAGES Judith Ecochard

A nice sized crowd turned out for this value priced, line of contemporary/casual womenswear for gals with trend awareness---but wanting a pulled together Euro tinged look…meaning not a slave to the latest celeb sighting...

We weren’t that familiar with this brand…that has a strong multi-national presence, a free standing Soho store  (501 Broadway in NYC…)

And is actually owned by global fashion leader Avista, Inc. a privately held entity out of South Korea.

According to the run of show…the twenty looks are inspired “by the different facets of eryn’s journey from Paris to New York.”


Priced from $30-$300 (so we were told) ---there is plenty to pick and choose from…that’ll easily work with what any female already owns.

The asymmetrical lapel and peaked shoulders- bump up a functional jacket!

The leggings and skinny fit of the pants--loved the ankle zip ones, paired with spiked heels --pumps and booties (so French!) 

…are balanced by really well done jackets (Hunting, City Puffer, and a Poirot-esque coat with oversized collar and covered buttons),

a nice knit grey cardigan to layer over tees, and dresses, 

---  a camel coat and classic trench with feminine lines and military epaulets at the shoulders,

… and our fav…a leather jacket with cropped sleeves.

There is a nod to eveningwear…in this cute cocktail bolero that comes with bow cropped pants and frilled hem frock.

All and all, we thought the essentials…were well done. 

Not high end luxury…but it was obvious to us…that the Eryn Brinié collection is well made with details and interesting cuts/ seam placements---- and is obviously a large notch above the cheaper mass market separates that'll probably be churned out.