Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RADLEY London –The UK’s Bestselling Handbags New Spring/Summer 2010


British Traditions of “The Good Life”

Radley’s premium leather bags and accessories are bestsellers across the Pond.

In the former colonies, the upscale line is really catching on ---as the classic styles (hobos, satchels, pocket bags),


oversized shoppers, and totes are made, keeps the hardware bling to a tasteful minimum, and has the kind of zips, magnetic closures and inner / outer pockets that are needed for modern lives.



And Radley carryalls have distinctly feminine styling ---pretty and practical.


Big plus for us…the bright graphics of the printed linings

and the adorable leather tag---a Scottish dog-the signature icon (hand painted)…that comes with the haulers.

Best Selling Pocket Bags-Small, Medium, Large

And of course the quiky vibe---so English.

Primrose Hill

The new colors for Spring take their cues from the British seaside…and "The Good Life" of English gardens we think--- as there are warm hues like pomegranate red as well as the basics (tan).

What else is fresh--- are the non-leather collections---the totes---made from light-weight fabrics in perky polka dot and stripy prints.

Our favorites in the collection are the impact resistant, hard sided luggage (on sale now)…made for The Grand Tour. The pieces come with vintage looking stickers to apply anywhere and bags to stash away our stuff.

Available in a sturdy two and four wheel rollers--- and vanity case…and we’re pretty sure we can pick this out from the sea of black luggage. ($150-$300).

Naturally, there’s an assortment of tough umbrellas ($45-$65) that come in great perky prints (and with matchy matchy accessories). We actually have one that survived the major wind tunnels and driving rains that blow through Manhattan streets. And we liked how when we opened the umbrella…we had to open it facing down… the metal clasps are really strong…not the flimsy spring open kind that always break in a New York minute.

Radley is priced in that value luxury price range--- with most styles ranging from $125 to $325 for the large Barnstaple Flapover Tote with a handy zip and metal closure--- and $425 for the Grosvenor Music bag Tote.

Grosvenor - Medium Satchel ($298) Large Satchel ($398)