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Words Judith Ecochard, Images courtesy of Lumixyl™

Cosmeceutical skin brightening creams and lotions are in big demand…as people want to get rid of the brown spots and photo-damaged skin (courtesy of the sun, acne etc) and unwanted discoloration (blotchiness) of skin tones that SCREAM aging person.

Fairly new to the market, Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Crème is embedded with a “ground-breaking” peptide (“naturally occurring amino acids”), developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University. Apparently it reduces tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin…the culprit of uneven/over pigmentation, melasma (that fun brown line gals can get during pregnancy), and dark spots.

We read that the skin bleaching hydroquinone--- in many prescribed and over the counter skincare products for the aforementioned skin afflictions, has generated controversy and is in fact today banned for sale in the European Union, Canada, and Japan (though we presume, easily obtained online).

…So we were happy to see that noted dermatologists give Lumixyl™ serious consideration… and offer the product for sale in their offices.

PLUS: An added plus to the water soluble Lumixyl™---is that it can be safely used by all skin tones.

We actually tried the white crème (more lotion thickness IMHO) on our hands. A little goes a long way so we dabbed out a dime size sample…enough for the back of both of our hands.

Easily absorbed as soon as we lightly rubbed it in…we felt barely a tingle. We also dabbed a tiny bit on our forehead…as the skin on our face is very sensitive and we wanted to feel/see if we would have some kind of yech reaction. And we didn’t have any problems--- as Lumixyl™ is non-irritating.


After three weeks use, once a day, we felt the tiny brown spots on the back of our hands slightly faded…but note that Lumixyl™’s own study of very satisfied volunteers…lasted 8 weeks. So we are happy and certainly not as visibly speckled and will continue using it for the recommended 16 weeks---the usage length info we got online.


ADDED PLUS: Lumixyl™ can be used alone or if directed by a physician, to compliment other treatments such as Tretinoin (an acid form of vitamin A and the key ingredient in the prescribed crèmes/gels Renova® and Retin A®), laser resurfacing etc.

INFO including list of Physicians LUMIXYL
FYI: $120 MSRP