Thursday, September 10, 2009




September 9th, 2010

8: 20 PM- 313 Bowery, Morrison Gallery

“Some Kind of Bliss” = Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

We descended to the smokin’ hot- buzzin’ East Village neighborhood of our adult hood (safe to walk at night, packed with bars, restaurants)…for the Haleh Nematzadeh S/S 2010 runway show...staged next door to our former hang, CBGBs…now a John Varvatos store.

Make-Up by Andie Markoe Byrne, Hair by Anthony Leonard Salon, Styling by Killer Fresh

We had a flashback in more ways than one…as Haleh’s collection mind melted the “energy and talent” of those club goers that used to flock to Paradise Garage and Danceteria…two of the best night time hangs that blossomed in the late 70’s/80’s of a grimier NYC.

No wonder we were think Heatherette last night (the energy, the vibe)…as Richie Rich and Traver Rains-the designers of that label- were famous for their attire when they made that scene.

And of course, model/heiress Lydia Hearst was their star model…and she strut her stuff at the Haleh show too.

We thought the clothes were FUN…just like the glittery tees that gave Haleh her original boost in the print media. Obviously, for the gals that are modern, edgy, and not afraid to be noticed.

Exaggeration ruled…in the broooaaaad shoulders, peplum type skirts that unfolded like tulip petals, ruffles, and skinny minis.

And Stephen Sprouse came to mind with the graffiti like graphics...

There were some "electric" colors daywear separates that were adorable...a rainbow corset...

casual gathered pants in a lemon yellow, and a studded biker denim vest.

Part of the show had the girls walking under a black light—with a few looks getting a second viewing under the “Cosmic” disco lighting.

Haleh’s desire “…to be an ode to all free-spirited girls and turn on the light for those who are ready to play.”

We say, mission accomplished.