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Superfruits are not every fruit...! (And not talking about a musical duo either).

Notably from tropical rainforest rich countries like Brazil-superfruits= superfood category- are nutritionally dense... jam packed with omega's-proteins, trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants-etc-that go beyond what's found in 'ordinary' produce. Even organic ones.

Increasingly available here-solo or as an ingredient in healthy-for-you snacks

NATIERRA is the first company we reported on years ago-with a complete product line-up  of USDA Organic superfoods-including superfruits. The Superfood Snack with rich dark chocolate -and omega loaded chia seeds-is USDA Organic. BONUS for every bag bought-a meal is donated as part of their A Feed A Soul Project- to alleviate hunger in the Western Hemisphere's poorest country-Haiti.
Widely available.
An image tells it all...the fruity Amazon berry Açai is loaded with anti-oxidants, Omega 3s, 19 amino acids, some fiber, vitamins+minerals, Explore Superfoods (formerly Açai of America)-serves up mouth pleasing frozen smooth sorbet made with this superfruit. It's terrific with just the right amount of tart-sweet balance. New- is the pitaya fruit (aka Dragon fruit) one...has a watermelon-like taste... blessed with Vitamin C, some Iron/magnesium -it's delicious (also)-kids will love the naturally sweet taste.  Available in pureés too.

Açai-is darker deep purple berry color-pitaya (Dragon) fruit-is more fushia (watermelon-like) color.

Cruising the Brazil aisle at the recent Fancy Food Show-our eyeballs gravitated to this gift-able-well packaged selection of superfruit vinegars from SOUL BRASIL.including on the far left-the deep dark purple/blue one made French style-with Açai berry. The other flavors-mango, guava and acerola (which is a cherry).
 What a great idea. Chef alert-add some new flavors to any vinaigrette...or as a flavor pop in fruity desserts, on cheeses (jams), and ceviche-or salads.
SOUL BRASIL vinegars are currently available in the USA on a brilliant online destination for Latin America culinary offerings found no where else in the USA (that we could find)...CULINARY CULTURE CONNECTIONS by the bottle ($9).
 BONUS-the MO of this to source/import sustainably grown/made, fair labor living wages earned-eco food products -by niche-small producers 'educate' chefs + adventurous eaters who are environmentally minded and consume "authentic" + "transparent" foods. Added plus- a great online shop...tho' imo multi-ethnic NYC could use a irl space stocked with their goods.
Just about everybody we know who eats these days would welcome the vinegars pictured above. 
GOJI ROOTS...USDA Organic Goji Berries-are chewy berry poppin good...with cartenoids (beta-carotene), real deal fiber,  some Vitamin D, potassium, iron,  calcium and zinc -part of this super fruit's natural benefits-with purported immune system boosting-sugar stabilizing, sleep  help included. Impressive. Found listed on AMAZON.
Tropical fruit punch transports us to some exotic island locale-no matter where we are. From Brooklyn Crafted...Calamansi-Ade Mango and Calamansi-Ade Ginger ---packs a sweet punch in the first case-and a serious ginger punch in the second. As big ginger eaters-we def liked that!!!. Both are cocktail worthy for sure... adding rum to these (and a paper umbrella cap-off of course)---says party time big time.
FYI: Calamansi is a Philippine citrus fruit that resembles a small round lime -with green skin that ripens to orange. A staple in Asian countries-and used like lemon juice... High in vitamin C, A potassium too.
Filtered water and added organic sugar are the additional ingredients in these calamansi juices.  Drink chilled-the glass bottles are the perfect packaging solutions...can recycle them-plus the tastes are pure fruit. Brooklyn Crafted in known for their ginger ales/beer but these make wonderful additions to the premium lineup of beverages.
VIVOO Re-Evolution is an Italian company that makes very wonderful chewy naturally sweet energy fruit bars- that are USDA Organic with no added sugar. Which really should be standard practice for food/drink makers these days and is def popular with the Keto leaning eaters.  Raw cacao-which is considered a superfood- has a deep authentic chocolate taste-and is loaded with phytonutrients. The Goji berries are sweet enough and add texture to eat bite. Love these. This company also makes raw cacao truffles that we inhaled too. VIVOO Re-Evolution winning energy bar products are sold in the USA-on Amazon for now.