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Cheese-Keto Friendly Crunchy Snacks

No added sugar + gluten free - protein packed-low carb (naturally) is a big deal.

Clue in-the tasty crunchy  cheese crisps (and nut mixes)- that have hit the market-packaged in single-multiple sizes (travel friendly)-to check off the must-haves of snack perfection.

The ultimate calorie loaded potato chip slayer? We think so.

AND YES-  kids will ↑↑↑!!! too.

in single-serve size bars-or larger  10oz bag SONOMA Creamery Crips=Parmesean cheese plus pumpkin/sunflower seeds' bites=pack in 9 grams protein/serving, and are lactose/ gluten free. Four flavors are available-and yes they are all good.

Cheddies-cheddar cheese crackers-are all delicious (four flavors) w/ 10 grams protein/serving -140-150 calories a serving. Bursts of real cheese flavor at first bite.

GRANAROLO-from ITALY (of course!!!) Cheese crisps-in bite sized round shapes...non-GMO,  lactose and gluten free, 7 grams of protein/serving...baked to perfection. The sunflower, pumpkin + flax seed version in a resealable bag- is bursting with flavor-seeds adding to the crunchiness. Available online including

 Cheese Pop-= inhale-able airy puff texture-one ingredient treat -made of popped cheese (popped 100% renewable energy too). Tart tangy Gouda and Emmental (like Swiss cheese) -are the two flavors we tried. Soon to launch in the USA.
For meal worthy size cheese crisp--FOLIO Cheese Wraps-can help out with its large size. These need to be heated up-and can be eaten 'straight-up' or 'stuffed' like a taco...but better with protein-low carb goodness! Made of parmesan cheese-naturally gluten+lactose free=13 grams of protein per serving.
KETO and keto-like diets-are a trend that's sticking around into an eating lifestyle.  From Nature's Garden-a new Keto Snack Mix-of mixed nuts and probiotic cheese balls
KETO by AustiNuts-dry roasted gluten-free nut mix