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Perk Up: New Coffee-Teas Blends

To wake up -or to chill out-the latest Coffee and Tea blends -to help achieve the desired outcome-boast 'healthy' add-ons -with new blends aiming to make these popular sips-even better for you.

EIGHT O'CLOCK was a 'mom' staple in our house...nowadays-this 100% Arabica coffee gets amped up with healthy for you-additions-perfect for the faster moving 21st century. ACAI GLOW-contains the anti-oxidant loaded superfood ACAI Berry,  a rich dark roast B6 Metabolism-that has just that, and a truly well balanced, aromatic  cinnamon+turmeric (anti-inflammatory) based super spice medium roast blend that's our fav-  tasty hot or iced cold. Have to say though-that the new ALERT medium roast-which gets its added oomph from the native Brazilian GUARANA fruit -is a guy pal fav-perfect for the early bird who needs the staying power of energy drink staples-without the jitters or weird taste. SALUT

Ethical Bean Coffee...USDA Organic-and carefully sourced from Fair Trade growers...offers several blends including medium roast EXOTIC with fruity/floral innuendos, 100% Arabica beans. In whole beans too.

The Spice Lab...Herbal and Wellness rich tea blends are all transporting-aromatic blends based on the healing/reviving powers of herbals, spices, and teas ----pictured some of them....focusing on relaxation (calming-chamomile, mild licorice), health boost (recovery) and wakefulness (energy-with yerba mate w/ lemon-spearmint notes). 
NUMI USDA Organic certified teas...has just launched six new Holistic Teasans -with names of purpose that fit our busy lives. We tasted the Presence-which has a pleasing earthy grassy hints of lemongrass+bamboo-(reminds us of South Asian cuisines) with a touch of spearmint and purifying blueberry leaf, Very fresh. Other choices-take on Purpose, Vision, Embrace, Balance and Gratitude. Destined for Oprah's Fav list...
Republic of Tea....USDA Certified Organic Detox and Wellness  teas-come in a stackable tin series-containing 12 natural unbleached round tea bags (each)-based on the anti-inflammatory Turmeric -paired with energy anti-oxidant loaded green Matcha, flavorful soother ginger (with cinnamon+honey hints)----and a spicy herbal blend containing cinnamon-both anti-inflammatory-circulation boosters. 
A Fancy Food Show hit---JUSTEA Kenya is a compelling tasty do-good model of a company...that ethically sources Fair Trade Kenyan grown,  non-GMO certified  teas-and delivers loose tea blends- in terrific packaging...tins-with a hand-carved wooden teaspoon spoon decorated with Masai beads.($15-$17) Just lovely. Several winning blends, available now

we tried the Sunkissed Rooibus-pictured right in the middle made of 100% organic long cut rooibus-has a natural richness+and organic lemongrass-citrus-y ----soothing tea- perfect for after a meal.
Also seen at the Fancy Food Show...tea pairing RONAMOK MAPLE syrup collection-pretty nifty idea adding some subtly flavored sweetness to one's tea-hot or cold.
Builders Tea-The Brits...take a different 'slang' approach to selling it's  strong teas- drunk traditional style-with milk.