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NYFW... YES, It's All About the HAIR


The angst about retail sales (full price-or discounted), the relevance of Fashion Weeks, and weather miscues of typical delivery dates ...make the festive Texture On The Runway show dedicated to the wonders of naturally curly tresses...a very welcome celebration of the most stylish possibilities.

The cavernous iconic Gotham Hall was filled with 700+ fans-eagerly recording the real world - catwalk models-attired fashionably... and... the big wow-made-up and hair STYLED -flashing casual everyday 'dos-to full on fab editorial...

ALL= magnificently coiffed 'fros, curled ringlets, cascading luscious waves or intricate braids- short to long tresses- courtesy of several top hair stylists and brands.

Hosts NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle Breyer and professional hairstylist Monica Stevens (MoKnowsHair)-joined lead sponsor SALLY BEAUTY-with several brands-receiving their own catwalk segment-followed by a brief how to get the look...NICE!


Runway Images by Getty Images....
Creme of Nature
Inspiration: Hair care leader Creme of Nature is all about encouraging women to be bold and fierce, while embracing their beautiful, textured, natural hair. We encourage naturalistas to boldly show off their curls, coils, kinks and waves. To us, naturalistas are SUPER NATURAL: the women who care about their hair, and embrace their natural beauty while balancing a busy family, professional and personal life!
Interpretation: To the Bold, Curly, Sassy, Kinky, Daring, Vibrant, Funky SISTER: Creme Of Nature salutes you! Our showcase honored your originality with an ode to the bright lights and big city life. We brought to life Creme of Nature's I Am Supernatural ethos through beautiful clothing and handmade shoes fromDe La Cruz New Yorkand cutting-edge hairstyles lead by celebrity hairstylist Pekela Riley. Archival imagery courtesy of Jamel Shabazz served as the perfect backdrop to showcase our dream. We love our consumers and know that their super powers cannot be stopped!

Inspiration: Although hairstyles may come and go, braids have consistently remained present across centuries, continents and genders. The cultural significance and roots of braiding can be traced back to African tribes, and whether used as a symbolic statement of identity or a chic accent to rev-up a classic style, braids are eternally cool. For Texture On The Runway, we were inspired to showcase bold braiding as: A style. A statement. A definitive symbol of the leadership of Black women in beauty. And, a way to bring a storied history into modern-day life.
Interpretation: We unleashed theBraid Revv-olution: avant-garde, runway-worthy braided hairstyles – from editorial and couture to more conventional – to elevate SheaMoisture’s core community in the beauty and fashion space.
Supporting brand partners included: Aphogee, Ardell Beauty, Jamaican Mango & Lime, Silk Elements and Proclaim.
Mielle Organics:
Inspiration: Since its inception, Mielle Organics’ products have taken the haircare market by storm; and we believe that healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair. We were thrilled to use the Texture On The Runway platform to introduce our new Pomegranate & Honey Collection: a line of products formulated to give thick, curly hair curl definition and intense moisture and hydration.
Interpretation: Our Cranes in the Sky theme was inspired by singer Solange Knowles, who’s creative spirit and versatile hairstyles have had such a tremendous impact on hair and culture in the past year. We took a creative approach to embracing natural hair in different forms, from braids, pompadours, and more with an artistic element. We sent models down the runway literally dripped in gold body paint, to complement the beautiful natural styles created with our new Pomegranate & Honey Collection, which will be available exclusively at Sally Beauty.

Inspiration: Our goal is to be the textured haircare destination for the mom who is looking for something for herself, her husband, and her children. We are proud that Cantu offers award-winning conditioning and styling products through our women’s collection, kid’s collection and now the new men’s collection. At Texture On The Runway, it was our mission to showcase that Cantu has the haircare solutions for everyone in your life and for all of the adventures you share with them.
Interpretation: Our theme, Road Ready Spring 2018 Collection, took the audience on a Girls Trip, a Bachelor Party and Family Vacation showcasing how Cantu products can fit into all your fun and family occasions. Cantu Global Artist @TheMariaAntoinette styled notable influencers, such as @syncladies @mccluretwins and @liltwinofficial, to make our vision come to life.
Inspiration: No matter your hair type, one thing women can agree on is – we love versatility! Especially when it comes to your curls. We at Curlformers™ encourage women of all ages, hair types and textures to explore ways they can flaunt their personalities through their hairstyles. Our mission at Texture On The Runway was to showcase how Curlformers™ allows women to embrace their texture and add definition, volume and length with a tool that uses no heat – leaving your hair happier, healthier, with no damage.
Interpretation: One of the most spectacular and feminine styles that exist in the world of fashion is Bohemian Chic. This casual, yet elegant style is made for carefree days – effortless, versatile and chic. We sent bohemian goddesses down the runway, showcasing beautiful hairstyles with the help of one simple tool: Curlformers™.
Carol’s Daughter
Inspiration: Brooklyn, the birthplace of Carol's Daughter, is filled with style, individuality and creativity. So, it was very natural for us to bring this to the runway showcasing Brooklyn's unique character and unmatched trends. Our Carol's Daughter Education team, along with Ty Hunter’s wardrobe styling team helped us to create looks that were inspired by key events and pervasive themes throughout Brooklyn: Street Style, Summer Festivals and Caribbean Culture.
Interpretation: We used Carol's Daughter Pracaxi Nectar collection to create looks that are not only indicative of Brooklyn's profound street-style, but also those that capture the vibe of festivals and carnival season. From afros, to braids, to curly locs, our looks were edgy, fresh and translatable off the runway. The wardrobe pieces selected by Ty Hunter and his team were all from local designers, so the complete looks paid homage to our home...Brooklyn. Carol's Daughter, Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love.
Might be the crowd fav'

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