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Lunchbox Season:New, Better For You Snacks

As 'meals' or snacks-portioned and larger sizes of these new products are food trenders all-healthier eats, simpler ingredients, or indulgent sweets in smaller portions.

Conveniently packaged in 3s- shelf stable Miche's Kitchen cookies-are tasty chewy sweets-made from a sprouted organic flour blend-organic oat, garbanzo, sunflower seeds in the mix-a starting block for these better for you cookies. Vegan, gluten free-and free of major allergens- the REALLY kid friendly flavors (100 calories per cookie) of chocolate chip, coconut lime, gingerful, and green sugar are all delicious...worthy of a dunking in any beverage of choice.
GoGoSqueez-these products-have got to be one of the most popular snack purchases for Generation Z on down now-but we think-adult sized endurance athletes and hikers-will equally find favor with any of the 14 flavors of- on the go applesauces, or our preferred bunch-one of the 7 types that are USDA Organic. Smartly(FUN TOO) packaged in BPA free,  shelf stable twist top pouches- sold in 4 packs (like everywhere)---the satisfying 60 calorie serving-that we tried-has just three simple ingredients-organic apple, organic apple juice concentrate and organic lemon juice concentrate. FYI-the GoGoSqueez applesauce = just sweet enough (100% fruit derived, naturally and free of corn syrup/artificial flavors) vegan friendly gluten, dairy, nut free, certified Non-GMO, and Kosher certified. 

Cute cute cute-single serve Teddy Soft Bakes-are easy stashers in any lunchbox. NOTE- these super sweet 'fluffy' soft chewy cookie have a thin layer of creamy filling inside adds to the texture appeal.  2 flavors (chocolate, vanilla)-are sold  in 6 packs, with individual portions = 120 calories apiece...and NO fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. the shape of a teddy bear (of course). CAT approved...(see below)

merci European Chocolates- makes it literally easy to 'THANK' yourself (ha ha)-slim 7oz package delivers 16 individually wrapped combos of crowd pleasing, rich European chocolates- in 8 unique flavors. In the mix- kid friendly milk chocolate-and more sophisticated dark creme and marzipan (our fav). Each piece clocks in at about 70 calories per treat...and a few in the car, backpack, handbag or gym bag-can hit the spot for those on the go chocolate cravings.
Warning-these crunchy crispy TERRA Chips Plantains will last maybe a day if casually placed on any kitchen pictured above. With just enough finger lickin' grease feel-to appeal to hard to please, potato chip fanatics-... these primo tropical snacks are BETTER- made with nutrient dense coconut oil-are non-GMO, gluten free, kosher certified. And better- all that tasty satisfying flavor come courtesy of all of two or three ingredients... green plantain, coconut oils and sea salt-for that version. Available in 5oz recyclable bags...Terra launches another winner to their addictive vegetable chips that imo-re-defined what chips are.
A better cracker part of food trend of adding protein-from plant or dairy sources-to amp up what we eat. Crunchmaster protein crackers (not pictured-5 grams protein/per serving)..join the savory spice loaded Multi-Grains- available in combo flavors-like like Applewood Smoke BBQ + seasonal offerings-Pumpkin Harvest. Impressively delicious straight out of the bag. In fact-we'd easily sub these baked crisps for a bowl of say, pretzels-to munch on...but better-with minimum 19 whole grains of fiber/serving-plus non-GMO, kosher, and also Gluten free-made from CA rice flour. Widely available.