Thursday, April 13, 2017

VIBRAM®'s 80th Year of Good Grips

The buzz words 'heritage' and 'authentic' tossed around lately-rarely get applied to what's underneath one's feet but in reality, that part of one's footwear is one of the most important component of shoe construction.

For anyone standing/moving upright, that is.

The first unique outsole-CARRARMATO by Vibram -has been around for 80 delivers in colorful shades/patterns
Hence-a big birthday celebration to 'senior citizen' VIBRAM-an Italian company with proprietary rubber compounds that grip the ground in all sorts of conditions-allowing everyone from adventurists mountain scalers to casual  strollers-the ability to see the scenery from a vertical perspective, with ease.

the original VIBRAM CARRARMATO outsole on the left-the new version on Eddie Bauer's lace-up on the right-can see how little the rubber lugged outsole has changed over the years (barely) -and how durable it is.

a white pop of a Vibram outsole-takes it's stylish clues from the luxe leather  K-6 hiker by EDDIE BAUER...handsome enough for everyday...has a tapered silhouette compared to other functional seen here-women's version looks cute with roll-up denim.
The K-6 Boot by Eddie Bauer is waterproof kicker finely crafted of full-grain leather using primo Goodyear Welt construction allowing for years (decades?) of use. Featuring Weatheredge® water[rppf/breathable membrane, Vibram Carrarmato outsole, cushioning EVA midsole, and ergonomically correct footbed manages to support and trade feet. Comes with two laces. Size wise-women's seem to run half size big depending on thickness of socks preferred. W 6-10, 11 and M 8-12, 13, 14. On sale now $135.

WHAT ELSE: Cobbler Concierge is a genius shoemaker service-that can add a vibrant VIBRAM outsole to any pair of shoes, boots, sandals -just about.

Whether making a footwear statement (á la red sole Christian Louboutin's), livening up a fav pair of kicks, or toughening up a pair of lifestyle pumps so one can actually wear them without now as easy as choosing from assorted outsole types - thin-thick/colors...
and mailing off the beloved ped coverings.

BONUS: Not only does Vibram guarantee sure under-footing...the rubber outsoles are also all very shock ideal addition for shoes/sandals destined for pounding city cement pavements.