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Grab+Go-NEW Healthy SNACKS

Part 2


Garden Of Life-Cleanest Performance Ingredients are in this family of products-rare and big deal to have the NSF and
Informed-Choice.Org independent certifications-guarantee no weird (banned ) stuff -all traceable-verified claims-in the mix-critical for athletes-pro AND amateur. PLUS GoL's MO-always USDA Organic and NON-GMO. Protein bars- in 4 flavors-Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Chocolate-all Vegan,  Dairy -Soy Free-protein bars-deliver 20G plant (pea) protein + 9-10G fiber, 8G sugars-in a chewy textured bar-def have with a liquid like water-serves as a post workout -light meal replacement. BONUS POINTS: Certified B Corporation

USDA Organic Honey-from well cared for bees-hits the sweet spot-in Wedderspoon family of New Zealand derived-highest quality, genuine raw, NON-GMO verified Manuka honey treats-including these soon to be launched- kid friendly lollipops for
kids- delivering 100% Vitamin C serving. 

USDA Organic PhillySwirl Jungle Swirls frozed=n dessert bars are flavored with real deal fruit artificial flavors or colors-and cooling sweet treat-only 50 calories per. Added plus-free of the 8 most common food allergens (dairy, nut gluten ,soy, HFCS FREE and Non-GMO). Even adults will be tempted by exotic choices-Tropical Twirl (mango, pineapple), Leaping Lime (Cherry Lime), Flutter Berry (Blueberry, Lemon) and Babbie Berry (Strawberry, Pomegranate)...imo-dip in a shot of tequila or vodka-for 21+ kind of easy to make cocktail ice pop :-)

Filling Corazonas® HEARTBAR Oatmeal Squares...main ingredient is one of the original so called Superfoods imo-aka bad cholesterol lowering rolled oats (via .8G plant sterols per bar). Delicious crunchy/chewy (date paste) these individually packaged on-the go bars-come in 9 flavors (5G fiber, up to 6G protein-with whey protein isolate -helpful blog post on that-dried egg whites)- with fruits and/or chocolate bits used to liven up the offerings. Non-GMO, no artificial flavors-and under 200 calories per bar-that are def hunger pains curbing all. For us- a Heartbar is dessert-we had the indulgent dark chocolate cherry (chocolate bits, dried cherries).  Available online-including a club pack 72 bars at SRP $69.99