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Active Beauty: CUPPING

Buzz generator Gwyneth Paltrow put cupping (via her backless gown revealing "CUP KISSES") on our radar-but it was Olympic swimmer/winner Michael Phelp's torso adorned with the characteristic red circles (when a pro uses traditional glass 'fire'versions- and heats it up)...that had us convinced of CUPPING's true value.
Lure Essentials
An Eastern medicine practice-aka been around for hundreds of years...cupping promotes Qi energy-improves circulation to remove toxins, drain and rid body fluids stagnation etc-to relieve aches, pains, stress, reduce inflammation to increase oxygenation of the blood and treat tight muscles and sports injuries.
Easy to see how this would benefit one's skin...and overall facial glow...and as an anti-aging tool too.


LURE ESSENTIALS. -offers facial and body cupping the one pictured above- the GLAM facial kit (onside $29.95)... made from surgical grade BPA free silicone...for at home use.

For the face, the suction/release action (what we did) completely painless-one keeps moving the cups around in certain directions-(no marks left behind)... by squeezing -on wet skin...very slight lifting of the skin. It reminds us of what a facials might do to drain the face of puffiness and target fine lines/wrinkles. Nice to have someone else do it of course, but our three minute application-actually something one can do while watching tv. Meaning...relaxing.

One can also use a massage-y or glide motion with these cupping shapes, depends what par to the face one is applying the cups to.
Apply a fav facial oil or moisturizer for effective treatments...or use with essential oils for an aromatic experience too.

FOR MORE INFO: LURE ESSENTIALS including VERY helpful tutorials