Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Small Batch Distilleries and Hard Cider-made in NY-are expanding their distribution networks and earning good reviews from connoisseurs of alcohol.
From the NY Restaurant and Foodservice Tradeshow...

Brooklyn Gin-stately bottled small batch-hand cracked juniper berries + fresh citrus peels-+ 100% American corn. FYI-actually made in Warwick NY

OBSERVATION: Winner of Big Apple's booziest borough has got to be Brooklyn....
Breukelen Distillery-77 Whisky based in modern spell- Brooklyn...made from scratch using whole grains sourced from local farms...
Breukelen Distillery Glorious Gin-fresh lemon+grapefruit peel, juniper berries, ginger and fresh rosemary-aromatic sip...oaked version on left has notes of vanilla + baking spices characteristic of aging in oak barrels.
Catskill Provisions-acclaimed honeys-get boozy sidekick in delicious honey whisky-80 proof hand crafted rye with notes of toffee,vanilla, and smoky spice
MONTAUK Rumrunners... these flavored versions of liquors that are cocktails' foundation-are sure to find favor with the swelling summer crowds out on Long Island's East End...

SO TRUE-Black Button Distillery
Black Button Distillery-name is taken from a family biz that provided men's buttons---in homage detail of this upstate distillery that sources local grains for its variety of spirits. 

Taconic Distillery-we wrote about this Hudson Valley located distillery...as their tap room is worthy destination in Dutchess County. Offerings are all labeled/ numbered-bourbons are truly sips of love-and merit savoring slowly-in fact served at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America...NY's take on the CIA. Gift worthy too-maple syrup probably being tapped now.
Hudson Whiskey opened the first NY State distillery (legal one anyway) in 2001...since prohibition. A two year labors of love...now make a variety of products-batch numbered. Like the bottle shape too...

Corn whisky is more of a cocktail kind of whisky-gaining favor with under 35 set.

YANKEE FOLLY CIDERY-makes good use of all those locally grown apples-impressively 40 varieties! 8.5% ABV.
Clifton Dry Premium Cider-"wine style' sip-made in Finger Lakes region-5.5% ABV gluten free-refreshingly light-imo- for outdoor summer sipping. Made like prosecco---but with local apples-not grapes, triple fermented.
Hard cider is growing in popularity stateside...easily fills in for beer or certain kinds of white wines-...Kaneb Orchards-upstate Massena NY produces this light alcohol (5%ABV) beverage onsite.