Monday, March 13, 2017

Food Trends: SNACKS/SWEETS/Part 3

Food and beverage trends seen at International Restaurant & Food Service Tradeshow:
 ...not surprisingly-are what's consumer popular right now-more natural ingredients- including sweetners like stevia+honey, foods locally sourced, small crafted production batches, allergy aware eats-(gluten free), and gourmet cocktails,

Wicked Twisted Soft Pretzels-ahhh-too bad our local sports' stadiums don't serve this version of the classic chewy Bavarian style soft pretzel (bought frozen-then heated) Made without crap ingredients of the usual fare (corn syrup-yikes!). Also have a line of mustards and hard pretzels.

Ohio based, Jagger Cone crispy ice cream cones-and waffle bowls-and nachos-nut free, baked, 0 trans fat, made with sea salt-the flat crispy waffle nachos can be used as a dipping chip. Yummy. Be warned when buying in bulk-very addictive.

TIP: NATIONAL ICE CREAM CONE DAY is July 16th, 2017-the 3rd Sunday of July

The Really Great Food-gluten  (and allergen e.g., dairy, soy, nut, GMO) FREE mix products-including Tempura Batter mix and Irish Soda Bread. Retail priced around $5.99-$6.99/mix
DAVID's COOKIES...had a big booth we spent plenty of time at...DUH!!!! Rainbow Cake -vanilla cake-with a splashy look-decked out in saturated trendy colors.

Oversized cookies with serious chunks of...practically a meal-filling/calorie wise.

BIG TREND-raw cookie dough-play it safe and eat this version-no eggs so safe to eat. A small scoop of this textured melt in your mouth fav

Gluten Free cookies...and brownies-tastes very similar to 'regular' but noticeable subtle difference-say texture wise too. 

ships off consumer site too...

Wholesalers Davidovitch Bakery-and retailer too with a new store on ESSEX STREET NYC going the one in Chelsea-sells kettle boiled bagels authentically baked on wooden planks in rotational shelf oven, spreads,  pastries, B/W cookies (a NY staple) and breads...authentic textures...including the croissants-buttery flavor and flakiness..maybe why baked goods sold packaged in grocery stores-really lost favor with customers. FYI-also kosher-made with non-GMO verified ingredients.
Finger Lake NY-boasts some worthy wines-notably, .Rieslings-And very popular Concord grape pies are also tourist worthy of souvenirs-as is attending the annual GRAPE PIE FESTIVAL. By Arbor Hill Winery-pictured above-pre-made topping/filling