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Highlights From International Restaurant & Food Service Tradeshow:

Geared toward professional providers of foods/drinks-anywhere from restaurants to summer camps...this recent NYC gathering of culinary provision provider- reflected the growing sophisticated tastes of a globally connected world...who may be staying home more -yet when venturing forth...expect a higher quality of eating offerings-that are healthier-and or/more indulgent.

No surprise-quite a few vendors also seen at the Fancy Food Show-and overlapping of food trends, namely gluten free eats, natural (vs artificial) ingredients, a booming NY State distillery-craft-brew scene and new comer, raw cookie dough,


In addition to many pizza ovens to deliver gourmet outdoor grill worthy- wood fire style -crisp thin crusts, indoors...other most wanted industrial gadgets...

SPACEMAN soft serve ice-cream -and frozen beverage-milkshake-smoothies machines. Pictured swirl soft serve -to use with mixes for creamy yogurt, dairy free ice cream etc-wanted for our home-but commercial size-from about $6000-$11,000
Mami's dairy free Cocounut Cream Gelato-mixes being pitched at  the show
Our most wanted-glamourous espresso machines from Italian FAEMA-traditional, automatic, and semi-professional machines. Pictured EMBLEMA model stunning
fun-Spirit Ice Vice-aluminum mold-ball shaped ice cube-can be personalized.