Tuesday, February 28, 2017

METAL MOMENTS: New Designs That Shine

Accessories, Home Decor, Lighting-from runway design to decoration-metals gleaming from gold-morose-gold-to shimmery silvers...brightening up what we wear and were we live. 

GRAY MATTERS made in Italy-sculptural mules with ruffled pleats that literally stopped us is the aisles at the recent Man Woman Paris tradeshow.

Creatures of the Wind fashion apparel is known fr their "off klter" elegance obsessed ver by savvy sophisticates-but for us really- these accessories- eyed at a tradeshow-  esp.  these glam drawstring bucket style haulers--in GLEAMING metallic patent plush leather-had us wishing these items were really in fact-part of the see now buy now way of life

shimmery metal chain mail polished nickel lighting fixture-design a whole room around the way it is lit-beautiful oversized fixture from  OCHRE

TOM DIXON-table top accessories-copper-silver-gold  are timeless classics-fit into any modern decor