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1/31/2017 Cipriani 42nd St. (NYC) : PICTURED-HAL RUBENSTEIN -host of FEMMY AWARDS (and congenial fashion smart person/author/editor)--and student winners ( ...happy of course), holding their winning checks-earned via The Fashion Institute of Technology Design Contest-where six F.I.T. student finalists competed for top design-of intimate apparel gowns and sets. The works were seen by many of the lingerie industry’s best and reviewed by a panel nominated from The Underfashion Club.  Students drew inspiration from the altheisure theme.

The top three winners of the 2016 Student Design Contest were awarded scholarships presented by SAIG Co-Chairs Suzanne Beck and Clelia Parisi. The first place winner, Katelyn Zawierucha, her design "Tres Sportive", received $5,000, and an all expenses-paid trip to Paris Mode City provided by Eurovet and Curvexpo.  Second place winner Jennifer Monzon, received $4,000 for her design "Obsidian" and third place winner Mary Kate Kauffelt, received $3,000 her design "Instant Replay".  The other participating students included Bonnie Chen, Diandra Howell, and Lara Tabak. Guest judges included Jos Berry, Concepts Paris; Jami Dunbar, Under Armour; Gill Heer, Lane Bryant; Angie Lau, Clover Group; and Helen Mears, Adore Me. 

This annual gala- a big fundraiser for The Underfashion Club-a not-for-profit organization that promotes industry and student education...raised over $631,000(!) for what Rubinstein noted:  “The future and success of any industry depends on the growth and education of the next generation. 

Honorees included Norman Collier, Managing Director of Stretchline (UK) Limited, who accepted The Lifetime Achievement Award. Collier, known for his impact in revolutionizing the industry technically, received accolades from Global CEO of Stretchline Elastics, Timothy Speldewinde-who said, “He (Collier) spearheaded projects to solve never-before-addressed intimate apparel issues, inventing elastic products.” 

The FEMMY Honorees included Retailer Award: Aerie accepted by Jennifer Foyle, Aerie Global Brand President; Manufacturer Award: Cupid Foundations, Inc. accepted by David Welsch, CEO, President and Marilyn Welsch, Secretary/Treasurer; Supplier AwardTianhai Lace Co., Ltd., accepted by Ning Yi Shen, General Manager; Innovation Award: Under Armour, Inc. accepted by Lisa Struble, VP, Technical Design.

This year’s generous dedicated scholarship providers included: Aerie, Best Pacific Textile, Fashion Forms, KOMAR, Pioneer Elastic Fabrics, PVH and Tianhai Lace. From their contributions alone, intimate apparel design, merchandising and production students will receive an additional $96,000 in scholarship support this year. \

About The Underfashion Club

The Underfashion Club is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization established to provide Intimate Apparel Industry leaders with a forum to exchange information and ideas, and support the Intimate Apparel market as a vital aspect of the fashion industry through its ongoing commitment to support the education of new talent.