Monday, October 31, 2016

JITROIS-Jean-Claude Jitrois Celebrate Spring '17 "Another World" Collection

Jessica Gorlicky live painted a portrait of Jean-Claude Jitrois

A European semester abroad -junior year (back in the day) us to more than romantic foreign languages...but also  the fabulousness of family owned French luxury brands still not sold in our hometown... in beauty (Nuxe, La Roche Poseé), superior haircare (Lenore Greyl) and the form fitting stretch leather -sophisticated sexy silhouettes of Jitrois-that were prominently displayed in the premier Paris department store- Galerie Lafayettes,
Since then- Jitrois'-worldwide boutiques have established this label as the go to for confident-women with a stylish edge -which was the partial draw to a new Madison Avenue boutique -the other being the leading light-Jean-Claude Jitrois-charmingly serving as host.
For Spring '17-which we got a preview of (and wanted it all)...tattoos inspired the delicate embroideries of suede, leather, organza into tulle-as it appears against bare skin. Oh là là. Embroideries that highlight the lingerie as outwear form fitting rich monochromatic palettes...should garner Jitrois-even more fans that already include many kleig-light celebrities.-
959 Madison Avenue -NYC

Jean-Claude Jitrois