Monday, October 3, 2016


Autumnal flashy Flats, dressy Low Heels and swank Block Heels...can almost have the comfort of summer's flip-flops, sandals, and lifestyle sneakers---but are more sophisticated -and therefore worthy seasonal transition options for feet -that sizzle no matter the outside temps.

Shoes, pumps and fashion takes on sneakers-are the earliest wardrobe way to shift to Fall's calendar reality---when we're still basically wearing our summer apparel -with an added sweater/jacket -if needed.

Part One-Pikolinos, Bernardo 1946, Summit by White Mountain, Oysby London: 


PIKOLINOS-Spanish footwear from a family owned company-sure brings out the sartorial smiles...and why not? The smoothest leathers and oiled suedes- with textural extras this year (felts, wools)-of their urban modern designs are all constructed with the quality worthy of primo brands.
Love these-Pikolinos BLACK METAL -in slick looking luxe sneaker, a fab play on the classic men's monk strap with cushioning durable treaded rubber outsole-that paris with every wardrobe essential-just about...and inner zip- block heel bootie that hits legs where it flatters-not where it shortens the legs-the mistake a lot of other brands make .

Tassels-with a nod to the classic loafer essential-Bernardo 1946 feminine women's slip-on gives ladies-just enough of this men's staple-with wining color combos-in b/w leather that will transition well into Spring/Summer-and smooth suede...all atop treaded outsole that provides comfort and practical grip on slick surfaces for wintery weather.

Bernardo 1946-perforated leather oxfords fused with white outsole of our fav sneaker-a dapper pairing dressy enough for office suits.

"It" material velvet-getting the love this year-upscale easy-Bernardo 1946 Reggie block heel slip-on $165.

Roxanne-$165 ref the glam '70s- with a mix-up of suedes-round toe pump on a solid block heel-we channeled the iconic Network flick-starring the well attired Faye Dunaway-when we saw these winners. Bernardo 1946

Summit by White Mountain-is a mouthful  company name-that helps makes this affordable MADE IN ITALY brand even more memorable. Sharp looking Flatforms are still popular- partially because win win win-they add height-are incredibly comfortable and are attractive when done the above. LOVE-eye catching side zip+tassels- this take on mens shoes is elegant and feminine. Note- smaller design the white contrast stitching.  Bellona $159.00- pictured proof why this company is finding favor with fashionistas.

STUNNING-pointy toes-add sex appeal to low heel shoes...these luxurious Jamie beauties-goatskin/python print/PVC are by OYSBY London
OYSBY London-JEWEL-suede/embroidered  elegant Oriental motifs...LOVE these plush slip-on-slippers-if we had a pair-we'd go out and get us an Ottoman Empire (or something). 
PIPER-ideal fusion of a sandal and closed toe option-with cutouts and enough coverage. In suede-nappa or patent -these ankle strap shoes are uptown chic as well as beach resort worthy...versatile shoe that travels well.

PIPER-Osyby London