Saturday, October 15, 2016

Athlete Essentials-Recovery Foam Rollers/Hydration Part One

 TriggerPoint Performance Therapy, Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Ask a top performing athlete-from dedicated endurance amateur-to professional-tips for success-and no doubt-recovery is right up there with practice, dedication, grit/luck and proper nutrition/hydration (okay-and talent) the key factors for winning performances.
Not having a daily deep massage (WISH), or the expensive NormaTec recovery System (OTHER wish-gift list), nor tried cryotherapy (need to work up our nerve),  there nonetheless- is an accessible effective help for muscle relief =foam rolling- inexpensive- and not time consuming either-that we do have.

.There's no doubt in our brain cells-that our everyday five minute session with foam rolling-keeps us going throughout our long racing-aka long training season. Feeling is believing.

 Our Picks:
PICTURED-TriggerPoint GRID ROLLER and in back-the new CORE ROLLER.
TriggerPoint rollers are so much better than the plain ole' foam kind-and come in various sizes...up front-the deeply grooved-compression Grid Roller -core wrapped-multi-density foam...really gets into our aching calves/loosens up Achilles tendons...our personal 'trigger' points. Used right before and after a good stretch-and randomly when we're hanging out. Depending on how hard one presses-and which section of the roller one uses-can feel anywhere from mildly uncomfortable -to meaningful pressure that hurts...but the good kind.  Essentially the smooth part...(see it)  addresses the superficial muscles or we feel the big ones easily acupressure feel- again depending on how hard one presses-while the signature GRID pattern-mimics a deep tissue massage--channeling blood+oxygen to relieve worked out -lactic acid loaded tissues. We've been using this one for a few years and travel to races with it.
What's new -the 36" core the back. As one can see-not as deeply grooved so it's good for those new to foam rolling---recovering from injury-or after an Ironman-when you don't really want to go THAT deep just yet. We liked the length cause it allows us to roll out both legs at one time after a long run/Brick when we are too tired for much else. Another way to benefit...line it up with one's spine -lying on top of it...literally is long enough to support most torso lengths (5.5inches wide - supports up to 325 lbs). ...and roll over it side to side for a light pressure way to massage the back-up through the shoulders. At the gym we belong to...this length is popular with the pilates/yoga gals...
BONUS-TriggerPoint has 307 videos on YouTube for visual 411s...

ETERNAL Naturally Alkaline Spring WATER-sourced from protected naturally alkaline underground Springs -waters being surrounded by mineral loaded rocks-been on planet earth millions of years
After a steamy workout or a race that takes over 2 takes us hours to re-hydrate....and though we live in a country where one can turn on a tap and get fresh safe drinking water (most of us)'s the mountain sourced mineral water that we're partial to. Unique tasting mineral water-flat or gaz... really makes us feel so much better-speeding recovery, refreshing our thirst more effectively. AND mineral water-sinks into our body-quenching our thirsty cells- versus passing through quickly.

What Else=Healing-therapeutic mineral waters are known for their cure abilities throughout history -and or musts in many cultures. We even have transplanted Big Apple-to LA pals-who now spend serious coinage on ph stable, alkaline water...claiming that a slew of auto-immune skin ailments that  popped up with the switch in cities...are now only alleviated by pricey drinking water that they have to travel through THAT TRAFFIC to acquire.

Which is why-the new to us-Alleheny Mountains-upstate NY sourced water-aptly named ETERNAL Natural Alkaline Spring Water- packed in a biobottles (that means no BPA-Phthalate FREE-yay)...really intrigued us. Taste wise-delicious...and naturally alkaline with natural ph balance of 7.8-8.2-it's readily absorbed in body...we feel better-and as most beauty types agree-akaline water and lots of it-makes facial skin look loads better too.  Win Win.

PLUS-Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water is blessed with naturally occurring electrolytes calcium, potassium and magnesium- all absorbed through the filtration process of the water through layers of ancient rocks+ sandstone. An important plus- as electrolytes can be lost through sweat...and without replenishment...can be detrimental to performance (stimulates nerves throughout the body, sends critical electrical impulses to the brain, and balances fluid levels)...and even worst -electrolyte imbalance-too little of-can land an athlete in the hospital. 

Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water-is available on AMAZON...and is now part of our race 'nutrition' right with our caffeine loaded gel blocs...we only wish the company sponsored our triathlons.
Info... online- a quality report