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 Chelsea Piers/Nolcha/NYFW-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week attracts designers and group collections from overseas...the ones we attended we think are all modern collections with international flair-that still managed to reference the influences of their native countries.

Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara showed a romantically feminine---of softly toned pastels, light neutrals with a few charcoal black pieces----color blocks beautifully done--- with imaginative whimsical prints.

Constructed perfectly, this colorful collection of flirty feminine separates would appeal to those dwelling on both sides of the Atlantic..

No wonder she is so popular in Europe..."proper, elegant...fluid"--- there were a lot of items that can multi-task from work to play. And happy we should note-no goth all was rather cheery-in a good way.

 Xiomara also creates polished uniforms for various companies---we can see why as even the more fitted looks seemed super easy to wear, moving well on the models-walking the runway.

Make-up-fresh and soft-dewy skin, peachy pink blush, glossy lips-
 Even one fashion veteran photographer we know-remarked -surprised---how his wife would wear these clothes.

RUSK-a sponsor-for Nolcha-had the models in bobbed wigs with a slash of fluorescent color=FUN

Homanz provided the haulers-btw the name means 'Shirley' in Chinese
 Sweet paneled, A-line and pencil skirts, delicate flirty dresses, high waisted vintage gamine silk shorts-very girly---and well fitted knee length choices paired with high collar cropped tops, some prime-ish office ready tailored blouses-- and multi-tone takes on belted trenches and blouson jackets- with many silhouettes conservative enough to qualify as work attire.
1st row selfies-Generation Share

The show was a bit long-but we get it-how a designer wants to show it all.

cutaway back in jacket

Exuberantly colored, wildly mixed up colors and prints are givens at every Custo Dalmau designed Custo Barcelona RTW runway show we've been to-so it was refreshing to see THAT mantra done this season with palette choices a bit softer -often paired with terrific ethnic/tribal prints ad bits of black/white checkerboard strips in the mix.

 Without losing the DNA of this Spanish label (sheer chiffon blouses, beautifully printed metallic fabrics in lush hues-and sexy silhouettes-including a fav-tailored Spring coat, sparkling details, slightly poufed mini skirts and slim fitting dresses for grown-ups, look at me swimwear and shimmery sheer cover-ups- not to swim in)

We think this more refined outing might garner of few more fans on this side of the Pond.

Mens' looks too = very wearable-including sandy neutral toned fitted trousers paired with crew neck top with splash of tribal fabric at the shoulder, and long shorts with casual loose jackets...that could just as easily double atop a pair of jeans.

We sat up---both this is a collection to see up close---the fabrics are just so unique.