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The Latest Food Trends -Part 4


FLAKES-the kind you want.

True Salt's sea salts are naturally blessed with minerals/iron-and are unprocessed, with no anti-caking agents or bleaches. Now a versatile flavor hit-True Sea salts are turning up as decoration and flavoring in all sorts of foods and drinks besides margarita rims. We love these True Salt Flakes =the perfect touch atop sweet chewy cookies. Available online.

Holiday special :-)
Candy cane flakes add peppermint sweet crunch to indulgent truffle chocolates
CHOCMOD's Truffettes de France.

Truffles Please
Earthy -aromatic-truffles are a unique special mushroom that has coveted flavor rich status amongst gourmands.
Natural Nectar's Black Truffle and Olive Oil OOLALA potato chips elevate that crunchy snack to gourmet status. Online for $3.85 bag. 
Creamy cashews-rasted in  RSPO certified palm oil with real deal bits of Italian black truffles. From Odlicno-a company based in Slovenia 
Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Crisps

Mushroom + Seaweed Crunches-Healthy Crisps
Shitake Mushroom Chips by MudLrk (pronounced Mud Lark) got much love by Fancy Food attendees!  No wonder-these unique snacks-made from Asian shiitakes= are terrific. Added pluses-these plant based chips are non-GMO, with no preservatives,  blessed with fiber naturally (and some protein), and gluten free too. Available online in three with added spice kicks. Addictive.
C-WEED Nori snacks are crowd pleasers in our household. The new Seaweed Crunch snacks have that ideal salty-sweet balance with bits of cane sugar + honey -with coconut or almond bits- merged with nori in a double layer,  bite sized shape crisp. Available at Amazon, Costco, H-Mart

CAKEES Cheesecake perfection-creamy tangy sweet-has all the right light mouth feel and tastebud essentials of homemade versions...but made with stevia and added protein...which IMO qualifies this rte German product-as an entrée!!!! FYI-German cheesecake leans lighter than what's made here-typically made with quark-that's kinda like greek yogurt in feel/taste/texture vs cream cheese versions we grew up with. The booth was mobbed with Fancy Food attendees-but as far as we can tell...not sold here, YET.

Added Nutrition =KID FUN!

"Teaching' kids to eat healthy nutritionally dense real foods vs processed junk-or a sugar sweetened vitamin gummy bear-is the way to go. And an inspiration for the  chef/father -who founded the newly launched OTAMOT essential sauce-a truly delicious vine ripened- tomato based sauce blessed with added veggies like red bell pepper, butternut squash, sweet potato, spinach, portobello mushroom in the mix.
The result-each serving serves up meaningful amount of Vitamins A, the Bs, C, D, E, K plus Niacin, Thiamin, Zinc (and more)!  Perfect one eats like kid fav pizza and pasta. 
ALSO nutrient dense- USDA ORGANIC Beveri Nutrition's pasta is made from protein amped quinoa and amaranth flour (plus white rice flour)=gluten + corn free pasta...has a nice chewy texture that surprised us.  

Athlete essential -plant based Explore Cuisine is known for its healthy protein loaded legumes' pasta that really does resemble-taste/texture wise-the wheat flour staple without all those carbs.  The most popular? The USDA Organic Black Bean spaghetti-with  protein and fiber onboard. NEW... a USDA Organic Ramen noodle-packed with 24 grams of protein a serving. 
Cooked similarly to that fast eat staple-but delivering a meal sized portion of good for you essentials-we were super impressed with its versatility-in soups, salads, or adorned with a sauce. Yummy.